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One Year Of Modi Government 2.0 Narendra Modi  Achieves As Opposition Grieves

By Amba Charan Vashishth
Updated: June 29, 2020 12:35 pm

There are people who cannot live without finding fault with others. These people with negative bent of mind can never find anything to appreciate and praise others. They will always discover fault with others.

A friend threw a grand dinner on the occasion of marriage of his son. The arrangements were fault-proof. The menu was so extensive that everybody found something of his taste. Dessert items were so many that one could hardly take one spoon of each of the sweet items if one wanted to taste the all. He served the drinks, both soft and hard, of everyone’s choice. After dinner two friends came out. One said, “It was a very rare type of dinner. He had spent lakhs of rupees on making perfect arrangements. Majority of the people want to chew paan at the end of the dinner. But this item remained missing. It would not have cost much”.

“Yes”, said his friend. “There are people who wish to smoke at the end of the dinner. Had he arranged some good cigarette packets that would have been fine and perfect, added to the pleasure”.

That seems exactly true of our Opposition which can never find anything to appreciate in the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament or Governor’s address to the State assembly or the budget. This also holds good as for as the achievements of a government in power are concerned

As Shri Narender Modi commenced his second inning of his 5-year term the people had granted the mandate with a higher percentage of votes, he took the country by storm with the speed with which he started giving shape to the promises held to the people by the BJP and NDA. As the NDA government under Shri Modi shifted additional security forces, abruptly discontinued the Shri Amarnath Yatra, asked tourist staying in Kashmir to leave the valley immediately, people did start anticipating that Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) was in for something drastic but could not visualize what it was going to be. What was more notable aspect was that there was not even a murmur of protest by any section of the affected people. That was the amount of confidence the Indian people had come to lay in the new Government. Everybody was sure that whatever it may be, it will only be for the best interests of the country.

The suspense was smashed when immediately after the Question Hour the Home Minister Amit Shah rose to move a Bill in the Lok Sabha to sound a death knell to the “Temporary and Transient” Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution. It was received by the House with a sense of glee. The law was passed with a respectable majority, more than the actual strength of the NDA in the two houses of Parliament. Even some groups outside the NDA did vote for the enactment. The opposition termed the measure as against the people of J&K, undemocratic and unconstitutional.  If a law passed by the parliament after a debate in the house is not democracy, then what else is?

As PM Modi completed his first year of his second term (2019-2024) his achievements outshone him as a leader who has a vision and the strength to make it a reality.

Some 30/40,000 innocent civilians, security and paramilitary men stand devoured by the proxy war Pakistan is waging against India  — more than the country lost fighting Chinese aggression in 1962 and four wars with Pakistan in 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargil mis-adventure by Pakistan. Before 2014 when the Modi government took charge, the terrorists always enjoyed a heyday killing innocent civilians and security forces performing their duty with utmost sense of patriotism and the Congress-led UPA and others. At the end of any terrorist adventure our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh used to say: They (the terrorists) cannot defeat our resolve to continue the dialogue process with Pakistan.

Before Shri Modi dawned on the political horizon of India as Prime Minister of India, security men on duty at the international borders and the Line of Actual Control in J&K to safeguard the territorial integrity of India did have the guns but not the authority to use these to retaliate against Pakistan-sponsored terror.  They had to look up, in vain, for orders to use their arsenal against the enemies of the nation. The terrorists struck against their targets in India and J&K in particular killing innocent men, women and children rendering thousands of women widows, children orphans, destitute and snatching the only support the elderly people in the evening of their life. But with the dawn of PM Modi at the helm of office, he gave the security forces a free hand to deal with the perfidy of Pakistan and the proxy war it was waging against India by acting against the aggressor in a befitting manner. As a result when Pakistan committed Uri attack India launched a surgical strike. When Pulwama happened, Indian forces launched Balkot operation inside Pakistan destroying terror hideouts and killing about 200/300 terror-trainees there.

Today Kashmir terrorists are on the run. Modi government has launched a campaign against Pak-sponsored terrorists either to surrender or are being daily eliminated. A number of commanders and deputy commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammad etc. have been eliminated.

Stone-pelting incidents in the valley have also stopped.

Pakistan and the main opposition party Congress appeared on the same wavelength in the matter of dealing with terrorists. They hogged headlines in the Pakistani media.

First, China tried to test the waters of India’s ocean of strength by raking up the Doklam border issue. India stood firm on the issue with a lifetime friend, Bhutan. Trying to overawe India by reminding her of the 1962 war, Modi government let China understand that India was not ready to yield and it was 2017 under a different leadership of PM Modi which can make any sacrifices to protect the territorial sovereignty at all costs. The strong stand paid and China made a retreat.

In May 2020 China again repeated its treacherous game in Laddakh region. Modi government once again stood firm making it clear that India would tolerate no nonsense. Ultimately, both countries decided to settle the matter peacefully.

During the last six years of the reign of Shri Modi the very outlook of India has witnessed a sea-change. Today India is looked up with respect and her view matters, is sought after and it is she which sets the agenda. India has come to be recognized as a world leader. Under Shri Modi every country, be it USA, UK, France, Arab countries, Germany, Israel and others wish to have best of friendly ties with India. India isolated Pakistan which tried to seek support of Muslim and Arab countries on India making J&K as one of the union territories of the country. No country came to Pakistan’s side on the issue.

Prime Minister Modi has brought great honour to the country by his winning more than eight international awards for himself. It is an honour both for Shri Modi and the country. No politician and Prime Minister had been able to achieve such and so many honours for the country in the last 73 years.

India has come to be recognized as a world leader. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly declared that India is a great friend of the oldest democracy of the world. He has invited India to the G-7 summit and is ultimately pave the way for this prestigious group in the times to come.

The Modi government has vowed to take India’s economy to $3 trillion mark. It had taken numerous positive measures in this connection. But in the meantime Covid-19 stepped in. The lockdown for about 60 days has taken a great toll of our economy. PM announced a Rs. 20 lakh crore financial package for the country.  The role of the Reserve Bank of India in these difficult times had also been very helpful. It is expected to make up many of the country’s losses. The lockdown was also followed by a huge exodus of labour, skilled and unskilled, to UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. It will also cost the agricultural and industrial production sector heavily because labour is going to be scare. The government is looking into this aspect of the problem also.

It was Modi government’s apt handling of the Covid-19 problem that for about more than 3 months India’s share of infections was under control. Had it not been so, India would have stood at number one position in this calamity unknown in the history of mankind. In contrast to smaller countries, the Covid-19 is much under control with the situation in countryside.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has lauded “India’s tough and timely actions” against the coronavirus under the leadership of Prime Minister Narender Modi. Bill Gates too has showered praises on India’s handling of the situation.

India could not be put under lock for indefinite period. It would have proved very destructive for the country.

But the role of the Opposition has always been critical and negative. First it criticised the lockdown. Now that lockdown has been made to usher in unlock, it is again critical. It has no constructive suggestions to make.

Some chief ministers in States have failed to handle the situation. Some are even indulging in politics to deal with this humanitarian and health problem. The worst States in the country in the matter dealing with Covid-19 are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a strange policy. By declaring that Delhi will provide treatment to corona create a division within Delhi’s population. Can — and should — a State refuse treatment to a citizen who is not a resident of the State? This is a very dangerous decision. He has tried to adopt a divisive policy.

From June 8 some States are going to open the places of worship, hotels, restaurants and malls to open observing the social distances norms. Their effect needs to be watched. The success of this measure will make the government take decision in other matters in the time to come.


By Amba Charan Vashishth

(The writer is a Delhi-based political analyst and commentator.)

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