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Old Shotgun At His Old Game

Updated: August 7, 2015 4:30 am

Meet party enemies who cock a snook at their colleagues. Whenever he is not in the cabinet of his party’s Prime Minister, Shatrughan Sinha becomes a loose canon. Last time, he was a minister in Atal Behari Vajpayee’s cabinet, but according to the old timers his record as minister was woeful.

This loose canon, while Narendra Modi was ripping into Nitish Kumar, in Patna almost just across the Ganga, met Nitish Kumar and later described him as the best chief minister Bihar had. “It was a courtesy call and I consider him as guardian of the state,” Sinha said.

He in his incarnation as varishth neta forgot that he won his seat thanks to the Modi wave. “Shatrugan ko jitana majboori hai, kyon ki Modi ko jitana zajori hai.” Earlier to that he opposed the nomination of Modi as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and tried to promote LK Advani. Later of course when Modi became Prime Minister he called him “Action Hero”. This was brazen display of opportunism.

In his saner moments, possibly Sinha realised that his future was in the hands of Modi, he said political meaning should not be attached to his meeting with Nitish Kumar while his chamchas said that their leader met Nitish to discuss projects in his constituency.

Sinha said, “Zara si baat ka afsana bana diya. I had joined the BJP when it was two-MP party. I have been with the party through thick and thin, all   these years. I fail to understand why a political meaning is derived out of this meeting with Kumar. He is one of the best chief ministers and is a guardian of the state.”

A commendable attempt to control the damage while keeping the door open to the JD(U). It led to an invite by both Lalu and Nitish to join their alliance.

One hopes he realises that after the assembly election, he may not be able to call himself a varishth neta.

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