Sunday, December 4th, 2022 14:59:51

Oh My Secular God!

Updated: February 7, 2015 5:00 am

SATIRICUS could hardly believe it. But there it was, in cold print. The heading of the believe-it-or-not report clearly said : “Congress wants to know if it is seen as anti-Hindu”. Oh my God! Rather, Oh my secular gods! How you have fallen! In the faithfully firm opinion of secular Satiricus the Congress was never ever anti-Hindu, and those who saw it as that need their eyes to be examined. The fact of the matter is that the Congress has been steadfastly pro-secular and if that meant pro-Muslim it was only because Muslims are secular and Hindus are communal. It is as simple as that. In fact it was in a valiant effort to save secularism that Sonia joined hands with Shahi Imam, the living embodiment of secularism. If in spite of that Modi the Menace ran away with the votes it was only because the Hindu communalists were misguided into believing that electoral democracy was preferable to dynastic democracy.

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