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NTPC tax free bonds list at a 5.3% premium

Updated: October 23, 2015 7:20 am

NTPC’s tax free bonds issue which were oversubscribed 6.31 times on the first day of the issue opening. Investors got a fraction of the amount that they applied for. Retail investors who put in an application of Rs 10 lakhs, the maximum that any retail investor can invest in, got an allotment worth only Rs 1.57 lakhs. These retail investors got a refund of Rs 8.3 lakhs. Totally tax free bonds worth Rs 40,000 crore are on offer as notified by CBDT during this financial year. “Yields continue to be high. Further issuances from NHAI and HUDCO are expected later this month. Investors can apply for those issues to get their tax free bonds,” says Harshvardhan Roongra, an NTPC financial planner.

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