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NTPC Takes Big Strides In Renewable Energy

Updated: December 3, 2015 12:46 pm

NTPC Ltd figures among the world’s top 10 coal-based power generators but in less than two years it will have an impressive portfolio of 1,000 Mw of green energy, too. It is already one of the top green power generators among the conventional power companies in the country, and soon enough will turn out to be a classic case of a “polluting” company becoming “cleaner”.

Some 110 Mw of solar power generation places it next to Reliance Power that has around 185 Mw renewable energy capacity with Tata Power (read Part IV of the series) topping the list in this category. Being a government-controlled entity, most of this change is driven by directives from the Centre. It is obligated to facilitate addition of another 10,000 Mw of clean power in the next five years. For NTPC, that has often faced barbs for having a fourth of India’s coal power generation capacity of 169,118 Mw, venturing into green space is a calculated move.

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