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NTPC commissions India’s first Ultra Super Critical plant

Updated: October 3, 2019 11:41 am

NTPC, the country’s leading power generator, has commissioned country’s first ultra-super critical Unit having capacity of 660 MW at Khargone in Madhya Pradesh.

This plant operates at efficiency of 41.5% which is 3.3% higher than the conventional super-critical ones, with steam parameters of 6000 Ctemperatures and 270 kg/cm2 pressure. The high efficiency will result in less coal consumption for generating same amount of electricity vis-à-vis super critical plants and will result in reduction of 3.3% Carbon dioxide emissions. The Khargone plant will have a total capacity of 1320 MW, 2 Units of 660 MW each. The required facilities for sustainable running of the plant like fuel handling and transportation systems are ready and the plant is will start commercial operation very soon.

NTPC has been at the forefront in leveraging technology and have pioneered adoption of new technologies in power sector. NTPC is currently meeting 23% of country’s demand through coal, gas, hydro, solar and wind plants.

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