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NTPC Adds Highest Ever Capacity during 12th Plan

Updated: April 5, 2017 11:19 am

With commissioning of 800 MW Unit at Kudgi in Karnataka ,250 MW Unit at Bongaigaon in Assam and 20 MW at Bhadla Solar in Rajasthan today, the total installed capacity of NTPC group has become 49943 MW. The 12th plan capacity addition target of 11920 MW has been exceeded by adding 12840 MW the highest ever capacity addition in any 5 year plan by NTPC.

NTPC and Group NTPC also achieved highest ever daily generation of 784.74 MUs & 870.11 MUs on 22nd March 2017 surpassing previous best of 782.95MUs & 866.47MUs achieved on 9/9/16. NTPC coal stations clocked highest ever daily generation of 749.63 Mu on 22nd March 2017 over previous highest of 742.51 Mu in 2016. NTPC (Coal+ Gas +Hydro +Solar) achieved highest ever generation of 243.326 BUs on 22nd March 2017 in FY17 against previous best of 241.976 BUs achieved in FY 2016.

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