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No More Mamma’s Baby

Updated: April 13, 2013 1:01 pm

The Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and his youth brigade are on a muscle flexing exercise in the selections for the upcoming Karnataka elections. Rahul Baba is getting the message across that he is made of sterner stuff, and has put SM Krishna off the radar. The former foreign minister, who is understood to be close to Sonia Gandhi, wanted to be projected as the Chief Minister, but Rahul and his group are exploring new leadership options in the state.

It seems that even Sonia was miffed when party veterans went and complained. But as things stand, Rahul is firm about trying new and young aspirants. No more a mummy’s baby, the Comgress scion has now come of age. Rahul’s aides say that he is serious about a win in Karnataka. He has already brought in a new mechanism in the form of a special group to “coordinate and monitor” the state election. Only the results will tell.


The BJP party men have missed the general bonhomie that prevailed during the Holi celebrations during Gadkari’s chieftainship. He was known for the gusto and gaiety and the lavish celebrations that went on till late in the day. Party persons used to look forward to the great time they would have.

This year, some of the old faithfuls were disappointed not to see Gadkari at his home when they went to call upon their ex-chief. After being cold shouldered and sidelined by the party seniors, Nitin Gadkari decided to celebrate this Holi in Nagpur. They had to make do with the celebrations at Advanji’s house, where the staid and sober patriarch blessed all those who called on him.The celebrations at the party chief Rajnath Singh’s home were traditional.

 Mulayam’s Bubble

Hardly has the Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh announced that the Third Front would form the next government, the leaders of the regional political parties have all gone into an overdrive huddle. This sabre rattling by the SP Chief has sent the already battered and bruised Congress-led UPA government into a tizzy.

It is rumoured that a meeting of the prospective leaders of the hypothetical Third Front will be convened soon. Besides Mulayam Singh, Naveen Patnaik, Jayalalithaa, Mamata Banerjee, Nitish Kumar and the ubiquitous Left parties may soon meet for some brainstorming. It is also rumoured that Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is willing to play host.

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