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No match for Modi despite canard against him

Updated: January 25, 2019 10:31 am

Who will lead victory Parade? After winning in 2019 general election and who is likely to form government? These are questions that depend on many things but mainly on who will lead the victory. Last year it was clear that Modi will again get elected to lead the government as PM but with the constant storm of false charges not effectively countered, his re-election seemed problematic.  There are ainnumerable road blocks in the road  to Modi’s  survival after crossing the hurdle race of innuendos, false canards and innumerable fake charges being raised against him before general election. Never before such a campaign of illusory perception was witnessed earlier in the electoral battles in India. The worst ethics of this campaign is that senior leaders are openly telling lies and on tape but no one is bothered about it. Even Parliamentary debate witnessed this when Arun Jetley had to demolish the fort of apperceptions created by Congress.

Many factors will influence Modi’s ascent to throne of power. First is the question of number as to what will be strength of his party in the house? After BJP ‘s loss of three major states this is being speculated that the Modi wave has ebbed. Consequently Modi might not be able to score the required strength. The situation does not seem to be lost for BJP as the surveys show better position. In India Today survey which normally has no slant to BJP it has majority with 257 seats that is 16 less than absolute majority but C-Voter places it at 276 for NDA which has absolute majority C-Voter had earlier given accurate forecasts about three states loss for the BJP projected by them. Its giving NDA 276 carries credibility. But still the forecast is forecast.

Modi is likely to emerge as repeat PM for not only the reason of number game but performance also. He is highly rated by the international community including the Prime Ministers of almost all developed countries. These include US, France, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Canada and many others. World Bank has praised the progress under his stewardship. According the World Bank implementation of Adhar card itself will lead to saving of 77000 crores a year. Inflation has come down and that used to be main condemnation of any government. In 2018 inflation is 3.7% against 6.6 % in 2014.

It is only Modi who could introduce old and risky reforms that no other leader would normally dare to do fearing the loss of votes. Demonetisation and GST both are major reforms since after the DM not only the Income Tax payers went up 6 crores from mere 3 crore but the entire revenue transactions’ became digital to a large extent. These reforms entailed a lot of distress for the public but huge public patience and faith in Modi saved the day. India has gone up in the ranking of ease of doing business in the world and it has opened the door to the investors to bring investment to India. In short period of barely 4.5 year of his performance no one could have done so much and bring country to stage where the international agencies view it to be entering in first few nations of the world in 10 year economic and human development areas.

I do not want to write only a catalogue of his achievements and the growth country has been able to attain during his stewardship only but etch out the portrait of a multidimensional man who has touched the country from all vital and human angles. For example take his projects of Beti Bachao – Beti padaho. It has changed the entire approach of the nation in dealing with girl child. Again consider Swachha campaign has made a huge difference in creating the clean living of society in which we live. His relentless fight against corruption and money might not have yielded 15 lakhs to each account, which he did not utter, yet the transparency has gone up many notches and first-time absconders scam masters are being hunted down even outside of the country to bring them back to justice.

Lastly, where is his match? Lalu Prasad, Akhlesh Yadav, Mayavati, Rahul, Mamta, Naidu or who? Most of the polls rate Modi as the top choice with around 70% voting for him despite his disruptions in various areas like Demonetization etc. Whatever may happen to 2019 election there is no match to Modi and like me, millions of Indians would pray for his success.

By Prof. NK Singh

(The author is International Management adviser)

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