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No Brain, No Happiness

Updated: December 11, 2015 5:21 pm

India that is Bharat


THIS is getting too much for Satiricus the simpleton, this unending quest for happiness. Had it been left to Satiricus, he would have said all the happiness is contained in just a cup of piping hot coffee. But of course that is childish thinking. Childish as against adult. And that is precisely the point. For some researchers at a couple of American universities have found that happiness of adults is on the decline. After sampling more than a million Americans they have found that adults older than 30 are no longer significantly happier than those aged 18 to 29. Satiricus is unhappily impressed. For it means that now that he has long ago crossed the precise threshold of 29 years of age, he won’t be happy even if his cup of coffee is hot to the exact degree. That is indeed a sad situation for Satiricus. But there is a way out. In fact there are two ways. The first is that he could go in for still hotter coffee. Secondly, he could stop chasing the technological happiness of the advanced American and continue being a delightfully outdated Desi Admi. After all, American happiness and Indian happiness are two different things. As a backward Indian Satiricus still believes in the ancient adage—happiness consists not in having what you want, but in wanting what you have. That would be unbelievably miserable for an American ceaselessly looking for happiness in his Blackberry or Blue Tooth which becomes unhappily obsolete one week after it is introduced in the market.

                But does this mean only far-westerners like the Americans are preoccupied with the problematic pursuit of happiness? It should not. For even far-easterners like the Japanese are also trying to unravel the secret of happiness.For researchers at a university in Japan have discovered that this secret to happiness lies in having more “grey matter” in a certain region of the brain. They say overall happiness is a combination of happy emotions and satisfaction of life coming together in this region that became active when experiencing consciousness. Well, now, has easterner Satiricus understood what these far-easterners are saying?Frankly, no. But one thing he has clearly understood. It is that he now knows why Satiricus is generally grumpy. It is that feeling happy depends on having a brain. No brain, no happiness. Simple as that. Had Satiricus even an apology of a brain, and had he not been an illiterate, stupid ignoramus, would he have become not only a journalist but a columnist, like all columnists these days who are learnedly flaunting their ignorance?

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