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Nitish’s Grand AllianceDream

Updated: July 1, 2016 12:46 pm


The ebullience of the architects of the anti-BJP front of Bihar at   the swearing-in of Mamata Banerjee, especially of Lalu Yadav was natural. Many non-BJP chief ministers flew to Kolkata. Lalu and Nitish Kumar’s dream of stitching together all non-BJP parties in the country, seemed to come true.

Lalu could not hold himself and gloatingly said to the journalists that BJP should come and see how big forces are ready to take them on. Nitish Kumar must have seen himself being sworn-in by the President in the Ashoka Hall in Rashtrapati Bhawan.

But his foray to Uttar Pradesh to bring smaller parties under his grand alliance failed to fructify. A leader of one of the parties said, “when the time will come to distribute tickets, they will be totally ignored. Whatever identity, the likes of us, have built up would be lost.”

Nitish and Co. will be more frustrated when ideological and personal differences keep most from joining the Grand alliance. Mamata will not join if CPM is in the alliance, Mulayam will not join if BSP is in. The list is rather long.

Apart from all these hurdles, sources say the bhai-bhai relationship between Nitish and Lalu would become history much before 2019 election. And if there is no major alliance Nitish Kumar’s dream of becoming Prime Minister will remain a pipe-dream.

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