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New Hydrocarbon Discoveries by  Oil India Limited (OIL)

Updated: January 25, 2018 10:31 am

India’s second largest National Exploration & Production Company, through its exploratory efforts has made 2 (two) Hydrocarbon Discoveries in the Dumduma Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) in the Upper Assam Basin during 2nd & 3rd quarter of 2017-18. The well South Chandmari-5 encountered multiple sands in Narpuh and Lakadong+Therria formations of Eocene age. On testing, a 10 m LK+THsand at a depth of 4290 m, produced gas at the rate of 50,000 scmd. The well Hukanguri-2 encountered two zones, one each in Narpuh and LK+TH formation. On testing, a 18 m Narpuh sand, produced oil at the rate of 55 m3 /d. Presently, the well is under extended production testing. Well Hukanguri-2 oil discovery is the first commercial oil discovery in Narpuh formation. This discovery will open up new avenues for exploration in Narpuh play in Upper Assam Basin. Both these discoveries will help in enhancing the oil & gas production with future appraisal & development activities.

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