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New Age Spiritual Teacher Cause And Effect Of Imperfect Health – Ii

Updated: July 9, 2011 11:32 am

The imperfection created by the man not only creates imbalances in his own body but also creates imbalance in the planet Earth. Just as great amount of discord and the release of atomic vicious energies destroys the nature and gives birth to the deserts where even to this day vegetation refuses to grow. Projecting our energies consciously and deliberately into negative things and desires causes much of the diseases, when this is corrected the health regains. The emotional and mental negative patterns and attitudes when not confronted or treated are carried to the future life for clearing them; these negative patterns also create enormous karma. So at times the karmic unresolved issues create imbalances in the body that can be even seen and predicted through the natal chart/horoscope. Then these issues are sorted out in one’s belief and faith through various prayers and rituals.

Simple tips for radiant health

To be joyous and happy about yourself, first and foremost technique to increase the Light in you is that always pour your gratitude to your life for being here on earth. Pouring out gratitude will shut out all imperfections in your life and its situations. It is said that it is one of the most-easiest ways to overcome financial limitations and problems also. The first law of manifestation is manifesting a perfect health.

Being aware of the divine light as cosmic breathe

Rays of Light go out from every cell and through every pore of the body to some distance around the body. The centre of the Light in the physical body is the heart. That tiny flame in the heart, an activity of the Sacred Fire keeps your heart beating. Through the nervous system flows Liquid Light as an essence. The nerve fluid that flows through your body is the tree (tree of life) which is self sustained, the nervous system being like a network of fine wires which are message bearers of thoughts and feelings, impulses to all parts of the body.

Begin to communicate to your body

We are taught from the childhood how to communicate, even when a child finds difficult to pronounce the simplest of sound. But sadly we are never taught to communicate to our own body. Our body is the temple and the God inside the temple is our Spirit inside us. Every organ, every cell, bones, muscles, tissues, glands, skin, nerves, practically every bit of the body has got the divine intelligence, even those cells beneath the waist. Nothing is impure or not divine. In the course of sickness our organs starts malfunctioning because somewhere we have given them the wrong signal. To undo the mistake, we can give new signals to the organs asking it to perform its best since we need them and we love them.

Harmony with self and with the outer world

Harmony in life is Divine Love. The easy way of keeping yourself harmonised is by an outpour of love and blessings to all and to every situation everywhere. To keep harmony, there must be a steady out-pouring of love without interruption. For whatever you have manifested in your life give gratitude and learn to be extremely humble before the Light, no matter what happens. A human radiates Light in every action which is done in harmony, peace, illumination, healing and of all God quality. Disharmony creates peacelessness and anxiety damaging the outer layers of the energy—bodies, thus irreparable damage takes place in the aura.

Prayers, invocations, affirmations and pray decrees

The times of just doing meditation or prayers is over, today the time is of action in Light and activities of the Light of God. Invocation, loud prayers, affirmations, decrees etc has come into action in the past few years to bring in the power of Light. Group activities offer the most magnificent opportunities and advantages towards good health. When you attend the group activity, you leave your troubles, worries, and all other negative situations and qualities outside. After such meeting you carry enormous Light that strengthens your physical body.

By Maa Syama

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