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New Age Spiritual Teacher Cause And Effect Of Imperfect Health – I

Updated: July 2, 2011 1:16 pm

The only thing that belongs to the human is its life and the energy that it is using. To sustain and expand the energy we need a physical body. Needles to say it should be a perfect and healthy body. The holistic approach towards a healthy body is to nurture and nourish the entire being, the mind, the body and the soul. Through many ways a healthy body can be manifested and only healthy body can unite one’s mind and soul to create a Light Body. From the spiritual realm a constant Cosmic Light is bestowed for the benefit of the human being.

            The first point is to realise the fine relationship between the mind, the body and the soul. When the mind does not synchronise with the body the relationship with the soul deteriorates, because the soul’s purpose is to enhance the Light in the physical body that it carries in the present incarnation to actualise The Light Body.

            Our physical body is surrounded with certain coloured envelope called the aura

then we are wrapped with a fine meshed or weaved energy field, a thread like substance

called as the enteric body, and the same energy substance is overlapped to become the emotional body and then to become the mental body and finally covered with the various spiritual bodies. The defected patterns and attitudes deplete the energy in these bodies and do not allow the light from the universe to flood into aura from where the physical body responds. Before the body falls sick the aura starts showing the defect but today people have lost the connection to understand the warning the aura gives.

            To further illustrate this we can go through some mental, emotional and spiritual or karmic reasons for some of our health problems.

Certain general causes for imbalance of the body

Swelling is very common happening, but hardly people know that it is caused by gases that are stored in your cells for a very long time. Swelling remains for few hours or days and then slowly it goes off; this shows that the swelling is not a dense physical substance.

            In such cases you can bring/visualise blazing Light above you, flowing down through your entire nervous system clothing them in the radiance of White God Light and see the flesh, swelling in blazing white energy and see it slowly coming back to its original shape.

            Irritation, anxiety and frustration are the main causes for acidity. The body is not made to handle such energy so it bubbles out in the form of acidity as toxin that cannot be with held inside.

            Merge yourself in the blue, white blue light to release yourself from the acidity when you are pushed into a situation that causes irritation and frustration. Immediately send white light to the situation or the person with whom you are anxious or frustrated so that your body will not create acid or the toxin that you can consume.

            The swelling or watering in eye is the cause of not accepting the truth of the sight.

            Imagine the Violet Light inside your eyes for a few minutes. This is considered very good for eye problems.

            Kidney related problems or the U.T.I is caused with emotional imbalances and a “pissed off” feeling or feeling disgusted, caused by a partner, mate, spouse or due to disgusting situations in the family.

            Use deep yellow and dark orange light to heal each and every cell in the kidney and the surrounding areas. Semiprecious stones like citrine and peridot are useful to heal all kidney related disorders.

            Too much of bitterness and blaming others and situations, being too critical or not been joyous and happy about the past causes diabetes.

            Amethyst is very good if used regularly, orange ray and violet ray brings back life

into the tired and dead cells and heals the pancreas.

            Nearly all physical abnormalities, bad habits, addictions are caused because the soul has had lack of love in earlier lives.

Use pink blanket over them to heal their emotional pains of earlier lives.

By Maa Syama

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