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New Age Reforms In India

By Ramesh  Kumar
Updated: September 22, 2020 12:58 pm

The erosion of moral values by  most political leaders has led the nation to unrest, seen today everywhere.  We need harsh measures, to sensitise the leaders, to make them nationalist and work for the welfare of the people, for what they are meant and not to rule the people through wealth and power. For this to happen, the government needs new policies, new systems, which deliver.

Since the political system in India has gone for the worst  with no ethics left, we need harsh measures to bring it to  a respectful  profession, which is meant for service of its citizens.The measures defined below are extreme  but it is required as  ethics have gone to lowest. Constitutional changes may be required for implementation under a strong  leader  like Narendra Modi.


Political  Reforms

Here are some ideas how systems can be changed.

Security cover provided to most  MLA/ MP / Minister should be based upon real threat perception  and not as a status symbol or as a right or just to protect the individual because of his personal rivalry.

Make rules so that elected representatives have no powers to interfere in day-to-day working of government bodies like postings/ transfer etc.. If they are not satisfied with the performance of government officers, then they can raise issues to the department head through letters/ meetings and the problem persists then they can reach CVC or parliament or media.

Civil Society should be the Governing Board to check performance of various agencies and advise the government on current topics, situations for better welfare of public at large.  The Civil Society should  be a panel of experts/professionals from divergent fields.

Need to ban elected representatives from heading governing bodies. Instead individuals who are experts in their fields like renowned engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors should be selected to head such bodies.

Firm laws to ban  political rallies  anywhere  ,celebrating birthdays of politicians at the cost of the public, celebrating victory in elections, celebrating oath ceremonies  of political leaders on winning elections and forming government.

No party to be allowed to roll out any appeasement for any religious group or for any cast on public places.

Declaring holidays and naming of roads, streets and projects in the name of political leaders should be strictly banned. Only one member from a family can contest elections.

The majority  party  winning elections should also induct senior members and experts from opposition and other parties to form the government .This will ensure harmony  between parties and work for common cause to serve the public and not  to work to counter ruling party decisions.

The need is to search leaders who can work selflessly to make a just and equitable society. There is a need to allow only selfless, knowledgeable, dedicated persons who vow to renounce, can dedicate their life for betterment of their respective area.


Educational  Reforms

Since moral values are on decline day by day with the advent of technology, all schools/ colleges /institutions will have to provide Value Education to cultivate Ethics, discipline, patriotism, Humanism, Global Harmony, Peace, through   Self-realization, Yoga and Meditation, Nature cure and respect for the environment.

Compulsory internship to serve rural areas or serve the Military be made compulsory for every graduate, before awarding degrees. Every student has to work compulsory for six months, in rural areas to understand problems of small towns/ villages. They will work under the district Block Development Officer or Hospital or for development projects.

Those who do not want to go for a rural internship can get the option to get training in the Military to learn discipline and work for the nation. During this period students will get stipend. Students will be awarded graduation only when they finish their internship. This will apply to all disciplines like arts, engineering, medical, commerce etc.


Free  School  Education 

Nationalize all public and private schools and let rich and poor children study under one common roof till High school. This will make a cast less, equitable society in future.  Children will get uniform education and equal opportunities. Economic stress on parents will be drastically reduced and will lead to a more peaceful society with less crimes.  Today parents work hard to earn extra money so that their children can get admission in private schools. With free education they will be relieved of this economic burden and will find more free time for more useful creative activities for the family.

No to privatisation of public education be allowed and no to government funding of private schools.

Ban Tutorial classes for entrance examinations to Medical, IIT, and Engineering entrance admissions, let children be selected on their natural talent and aptitude. This will also reduce economic burden on parents and unnecessary stress on students, who can now spend more time on extracurricular, social and sports activities.

For higher studies like engineering, management, IT, health care Government should provide education loans to students at lower rates and recover the loan amount when the students start earning. However, parents won’t be asked to share the loan amount. The loan agreement will be direct between student and government. This will make students more independent and responsible for their career in place of depending upon parents. This practice is very successful in advanced nations.


Support to manufacturing/ Realizing  Make In  India

GST on products and services made by manufacturing in India to be 5 per cent (maximum). There will be no MODVAT on this and no need to keep records. No input tax rebate.   Reduced GST rates will make products competitive to imports from China. All processes will be simpler as there is no MODVAT to claim any refund.

To encourage manufacturing with quality and international standards all machines and technologies imported must be allowed with net 5 % Customs duty. No indirect add on. Power tariffs for industries should be subsidised to make Make in India competitive.

SSI / MSI Industries must be given cheaper lands, but at least 100 kms  away from main  towns and with proper infrastructure  like roads , electricity, sewerage , and water. No trading should be allowed for land if allotted for industrial projects. Land to be confiscated if the allotted company does not start the project within six months.

Government will provide its own waste processing plant so that industrial waste is not dumped into nearby lakes or rivers. Eco friendly technologies to be used in manufacturing.

The government industrial development officers will facilitate and guide entrepreneurs and not behave as inspectors. They will be designated as facilitation officers.


By Ramesh  Kumar

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