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Never Embitter Your Mind

Updated: May 22, 2010 5:27 pm

Just like we expect others to think well of us and do good to us, we should also behave accordingly. But usually the contrary happens. We must contemplate over how to save our mind from getting into such situations, and how to cleanse our life, mind, speech and actions.

            The root cause of mind’s maladies is lust. We must understand the working of our mind. The first lust is for financial improvement. Our mind is always craving for gold and there is no end to this lust. The more you get, the more you pine for. The problem with greed is that more profit leads to more greed. The second lust is for children and family. The third lust is for social reputation.

            A man was gifted a conch by a God, which when blown by the user after taking bath, would give whatever desired. One day a neighbour saw him and desired for the same. He told his neighbour that he too had been given a conch by a babaji, which on blowing gave double of whatever had been asked. They decided to exchange the conches.

            The joyous man asked the conch for a lac rupees next morning.

            The conch sounded: “Why one lac, take two lac”. But not a single penny emerged. The man lamented that the previous conch used to give as much as he asked for, but this one only said and gave nothing. He shouted, “Why don’t you give? Give me two lacs.”

            Again the conch sounded, “Why two, take four”.

            Now he realised that though the conch promised double, it didn’t give anything.

            If we become contented with whatever we have got, then nothing else would remain to be desired for. Another misconception these days is that contentment would obstruct our growth. That is not so. If we are happy with what we have, and do sincere efforts for what we are lacking, development would be an ongoing process.

            Laden with materialism, man is running in the rat race, carrying the burden of trials and tribulations, frustrations and grievances. There is no rest for him. His desires are unlimited, becomes happy on fulfillment of some of them temporarily, and on the failure of others, he just flows in the sea of life desperately and hopelessly.

            Only lucky ones get the chance of listening to guru’s thoughts or enjoying their company. Only fortunate people get the opportunity to participate in a satsang. Experience leads one to the blissful path independently. A lonely helpless creature craves for love and sympathy. The Guru’s company compensates this want.

            We should not let the mind go wayward. Desire for money, progeny and fame are different forms of greed. Our greed increases by comparing ourselves with others. We must be content with what we have. Greed is misery, and contentment is bliss.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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