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Never Cheat Others

Updated: April 17, 2010 11:04 am

Saint Kabir said- “Kabira aap thagaaiye, aur na thagiye kaye, “Aap thagaaye sukh upaje, par thagiye dukh hoye”. If somebody cheats us, there is nothing to worry, as we are not at fault. We have not deceived anyone. Once you fleece others, cheat them, not only this life, but also life after death get afflicted with pain and sufferings. On being cheated, we may feel sad for a short while but we should be content that we are not cheating others.

            An incident in a fable brings across a very inspiring message.

            Once a man lost his way in the jungle. Suddently, he saw a lion. Frightened, he immediately climbed a tree. When he got on the tree he saw a bear sitting there. He now feared for his life. On seeing the man, the bear did not move. The man realised that the bear was also frightened of the lion. The lion came and sat under the tree. The lion was hungry and it waited for either the bear or the man to come down.

            As the night fell the bear told the man that they could take turns and rest for sometime. They would alert each other on seeing any danger.

            The man agreed. The bear decided to sleep first. After sometime, the lion told the man that he was hungry and he had decided to eat one of the two. He coaxed the man to push the bear while he was sleeping, so that he could eat it up and go back. The man agreed immediately. Man’s honesty disappeared. As he went ahead to push the bear, the bear woke up. He understood the man’s intentions. Yet, he asked the man to sleep.

            The man pretended to fall asleep. Those who cheat others cannot trust others. Thus the man could not sleep as he did not trust the bear. The lion said to the bear—”Look! He was deceiving you, now he is sleeping. You push him down.” The bear refused. He said, “I’m not a man. I cannot cheat others”.

            This incident is thought provoking. We do not think twice before cheating or deceiving other people. To bring out this moral, the storywriter has had to impose more faith in an animal than in a human being.

            We should not nurture ill will against those who are close to us. But when it becomes a habit, even people close to us are not spared. With evil thoughts, we cannot associate with others open heartedly. We will not have the courage to face the people against whom we hold ill feelings.

            We should not just look at immediate benefits, but consider the long term impacts. If our life deteriorates due to these decisions, it will be our huge loss. Our evil intentions will not always stay concealed and they will-not allow us to trust others as we will try to find their similar evil intentions towards us.

            An old lady, with a big basket on her head, was walking towards her destination. A horse rider passed her by. The old woman, tired of the load of the basket, stopped the rider and said—”O horse rider keep this basket of mine on your horse, I have to travel this little distance. On reaching the destination, I will take the basket from you.

            The horse rider said “Old woman I do not have time”. And the rider went away.

            After going a little distance, the man was overpowered with greed. He wondered that the old lady might be carrying treasures in her basket. So he decided to ride back so that he could coax the old lady to part with the basket. With this intention he came back.

            The horse rider apologised for his unkind behaviour and begged the old lady to part with the basket so that he could carry it and run away.

            The clever old lady realised his intentions and refused to give the basket. The rider asked, “Old lady who has given you a bad advice against me?”

            The woman replied -” The one who instilled greed in your mind, he altered my opinion too.”

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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