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NETAJI: Patriot Par Excellence

By BiswaBhusan Harichandan
Updated: March 7, 2022 12:28 pm

On 23rd January 2022 the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had offered his glowing tribute to Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, the great son of India on his 173rd birth day by inaugurating the hologram statue of Netaji at India Gate with the announcement  that a huge granite statue of Netaji will be installed very soon replacing this statue. By this Prime Minister paid the respectful tribute, not only by himself but for the whole nation to its great hero of the mother land who gave us the confidence of a free and sovereign India. The great Contribution of Netaji for freedom of our motherland is still in the hearts of the people, but they could not express their gratitude in a befitting manner. The bold announcement of installing the grand statue of Netaji with the inauguration of the hologram statue and the inspiring speech of the Prime Minister which was filled with emotions has actually aroused the whole nation. The Prime Minister has rightly said,“His statue is a tribute of a grateful nation to its great hero Netaji Subash Bose, this statue of Netaji Subash will give a sense of national obligation to our democratic institutions and our generation and will continue to inspire the present and future generation.” The spirit of Nationalism which had inspired our brave freedom fighters to rush to the street to fight for the freedom of this country without caring for British Lathi and bullets was rekindled amongst the people by Prime Minister by his action and his sensational appeal. The people all over the country felt that in the year of “Azadi ka Amtrit Mahotsav” this is the greatest contribution of the Prime Minister Sri Modi to the nation. This birth day of Netaji was being celebrated in the country as “Parakram Divas”. Now every Indian will feel proud to see the statue of the great hero of Parakram Divas,their Netaji at India gate. On this occasion the Prime Minister has also given “Aapda Prabandhan Puraskar” (Disaster management award for honouring the persons, who had exhibited exemplary courage in working in the rescue and relief operation during natural calamities like flood, cyclone and other calamities without caring for their life from 2019 to 2022. The Prime Minister had rightly said that taking inspiration from Netaji’s life it was announced to give these awards. Ours is a country which had faced with the horrorsof devastation by terrific flood and cyclone on different years and extensive damage had been caused to the people, their crops, houses, cattle’s and valuable properties. In the general election of 2014 when Modijigot a massive mandate of the people and became the Prime Minister, his govt had taken sweeping measures at the national level to make disaster management effective. The central govt. had emphasized on relief, rescue and rehabilitation of the people of devastated areas. Therefore the Prime Minister said, “We strengthened, modernised and expanded the NDRF across the country. We adopted all possible practises, from space technology to planning and management. Our NDRF, SDRF and security forces personnel put their lives on the line in saving each and every life.”

In his emotional speech the Prime Minister had said, Netaji used to say “Never lose faith in the dream of Independent India, there is no power in the world that can shake India. To-day we have the goal to fulfil the dreams of an Independent India. We have before us the goal to build a new India before 2047, the hundredth year of Independence.” We are fully confident that Prime Minster’s dream will definitely be fulfilled.

On this occasion it will be appropriate to enlighten the people about some of the spectacular achievement’s of Netaji. His love for the country, society and specially the down-trodden and suffering people was known from the very childhood. While he was  a student in the collegiate school at Cuttack in Odisha he formed a ‘Seva Dal’ with his fellow students and was serving the people when they were in distress. At the time of flood, drought and any other natural calamities, he with his team of students rush to the place and helped the people in different ways. When the historic Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath Was held, Lakhs of people were gathering and he along with his team were working as Volunteers and helping the persons in difficulty. So from the very student days he was known to be a great leader, a patriot who would fight for the freedom of the country and the people.

Netaji had the highest regard for Mahatma Gandhi, but he was of the firm view that Independence cannot be achieved by this peaceful and non-violent method. Unless we wage war against the Britishers and drive them away from our country, India cannot be Independent. Therefore, he appealed to the youth “Give me blood, I will give you freedom”. His call created a sensation in the country and many people got determined to fight the war against the Britishers for independence. He planned to take the help of other countries andto fight against the Britishers to drive them from India.In 3rd September 1939 while Netaji Subhash was addressing a mammoth meeting in the sea shore in Madras he was informed that the second world war had started.  His immediate reaction was that it was a golden opportunity for India to be freed.  He was then of the firm opinion that India should not support the British Government in the world war.  Since there was no scope to wage war against the British government remaining inside India, he escaped from India and went to Tokio where he met the Prime Minister of Japan. He had elaborate discussion with him about his plan for freedom of India and sought his full support in the matter.  Prime Minister assured Netaji for his support in all respect to see an independent India which emboldened Netaji to go ahead with his plan.  This gave him opportunity to discuss with prominent politicians, intellectuals, diplomats and others in Japan.  The Prime Minister of Japan was so much influenced by Netaji’s discussion that he invited him to attend the parliament session. The Prime minister announced full independence of Bharat and gave their recognition as it an independent country. Then Netaji    made an appeal to the people of India in a radio massage; “You are doing your best to achieve independence.   You should know that our enemy is very cruel and become frustrated. As they are armed with modern and sophisticated weapons, it will not bepossible to Confront them by peaceful means.  We are planning to wage war against them with the help of Indians who are remaining outside the country especially in East Asian Countries. I am confident that we will reach our goal very soon.”

Netaji reached Singapore on 3rd July 1943 with the great revolutionary Leader Sri Rasbihari Bose where he was given rousing reception by the leaders of the India Independence Sangha. One year before the arrival of Netaji the patriotic Indians who were residing there had started freedom Movement and had formed an Army under the leadership of Mohan Singh. Rasbihari Bose the President of the Sangh showed his political wisdom and in the general conference of Indian Independence Sangh handed over the leadership of the sangh to Netaji.

Netaji announced the formation of the (Temporary) Ad-hoc Azad Hind government on 21st October 1943 and Singapore was made its head quarter. Netaji was the Prime Minister who kept the defence and foreign affairs with him. The cabinet was formed and other ministers were assigned with their portfolios. Sri Rasbihari Bose was made the chief Adviser of the Government. While taking oath as Prime Minister Subhas Bose declared that he will fight for the freedom of India till his last breath. The Azad Hind Fouz was started their operation under the Supreme Command of Netaji. The Azad Hind government got the recognition of nine countries of the world including Germany, Japan and Italy. Netaji announced that after the war was over the people of India would form their own government. This indicated the great patriotic and democratic mind and spirit of this great hero Subhas Bose. Netaji visited china, Indonesia and Philppines and was honoured by their governments as the head of a Country. Then He joined the war for the Indipendence of his country. Netaji’s, clarion Call, to the people of India, “give me blood , I will give you freedom and march to Delhi (Delhi Chalo) enkindled the nationalistic spirit in the hearts of crores of Indians who had then joined the freedom movement.

The Prime Minister of Japan had handed over the Andaman and Nikobar Islands which were under their occupation to the adhoc Govt. of India where Netaji had established its head quarter. When Gandhiji gave the ultimate  warning and asked the British government to quit India in 1942 and lakhs of freedom fighters came down to the street without caring for the British bulletsand were thrown toJial, Netaji’s war from out sideThe country had also posed a threat to the British Government. When Netaji was involved in such war a very sad news came that Netaji was killed in a plane crash in Taiwan on 18th August 1945. It was a rude shock to the people of India who lost their great hero of the freedom Movement. One after another Enquiry Commission were set up but it could not be ascertained as to what had actually happened to him.

By honouring this great son and hero of the motherland Netaji Subas Chandra Bose,the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has honoured the whole nation and roused the spirit of nationalism amongst crores of people of the country.


By BiswaBhusan Harichandan

(The writer is  Governor of Andhra Pradesh)

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