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Negro Coffee Herb

Updated: June 5, 2015 10:11 pm

Negro coffee is known as kasundi in Hind and kasari, kasamarda in Sanskrit. The leaves of this plant are cooked in a variety of ways and consumed to clear the stomach of impurities. Its leaves, flowers, seeds, bark and root all possess high medicinal value.


  • Paralysis: Grind leaves of Negro coffee with butter and apply regularly on Paralytic part and you can see the improvement in the movement of the organs.
  • Skin care: Leaves and root bark is to be washed, dried and ground into fine powder and store in a bottle. When required take little powder add butter and apply on bruises injuries, boils, skin infections etc.
  • Prevention from diseases: Roast the seeds and grind them to powder. Add the powder to boiling water and make decoction. Add milk and sugar to the decoction and drink the coffee to cleanse your blood from impurities and protect you from diseases.
  • Good for kidneys: Roast the seeds and store powder in a bottle. If you take ½ spoon powder with one spoon honey, it is a sure shot remedy for frequent urination. It should be taken one hour before meal twice a day.
  • A remedy for conception: A handful of Negro coffee leaves powder and 2g (¼ spoon) of roasted pippal powder (long Pepper) add these two to a glass of cow milk and consume on empty stomach after the fifth day of your monthly period for one week and stop again do this next month. If you do this for three consecutive months, you will definitely conceive.
  • To reduce the swelling in Elephantiasis: The bark of the stem is to washed dried and powdered. Daily take about 2g (about ¼ of tea spoon) of powder mixed with pure cow ghee one hour before meal daily twice. You can increase the dosage to 5g (one tea spoon) gradually to affectively reduce the swelling. When you start taking this you may suffer from loose motions so start from very little and increase the dosage.
  • Good for respiration: Peel the outer layer of the root clean it, dry and then powder it. This powder is to be taken 2 to 3g one hour before meal along with honey to get rid of excess dirty water that is retained in body and gives relief from breathlessness.
  • To stop the bleeding: Negro coffee leaves can give relief to injuries by stopping the bleeding. Grind the leaves and press the extract on the injury and then make poultice of the leaves. This stops the bleeding as well as reduces the pain and cures the injury faster.
  • Night blindness: Take the flowers of Negro coffee tree crush the flowers and take the extract by squeezing in a clean cloth. One or two drops of this in the eyes for one week will cure the night blindness.
  • Anti-dote to poison: It is anti -dote for snake bite. About 20g of leaves and 12 pepper pods grind to paste and take the extract. Give this to the affected person along with little water. Make poultice of fresh leaves on the snake bite. If you do this two to three times he will be relieved of snake poison.

These are a few remedies I have given of this wonderful plant. These remedies come very handy in an emergency in remote areas where there is no medical facility nearby.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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