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Nature Cure For Anaemia

Updated: March 26, 2011 1:11 pm

Anaemia is a condition where a person feels very weak, tired, unable to stand for long, feeling breathless, irritability, headache, palpitation, loss of appetite, looks very pale and in severe conditions one may even faints. This is because of low haemoglobin in our body. Anaemia is not a disease but can lead to one if not treated immediately and sometimes it may be the beginning of a disease. The main cause of this is malnutrition. Deficiency of iron, vitamin B-12 and folic acid leads to anaemic conditions. Especially pregnant women and small children are prone to iron deficiency and are recommended to take folic acid in the form of syrup or tablets. Besides this they are advised to take diet that is rich with iron and protien. Vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, carrot, beetroot etc. and fruits like apple, guava, pomagranade etc. and orange juice, tomato juice or soup etc. will definitely raise the hemoglobin levels in due course of time. Everybody should generally eat all types of fruits and vegetables, especially those which turn black on cutting with knife like apple etc. and whole gram sprouts to maintain good haemoglobin levels and to maintain good health. One should not neglect the symptoms of anaemia and should be treated early by taking the advice of a doctor, because if the condition gets worse, blood transfusion may be needed. The normal haemoglobin level for a male is 13.5 and for a woman it is 12.0, a person less than this count is considered to be anemic.

                Besides taking the medicines one may follow the treatement with the herbs, fruits, roots and leaves that nature has given us. These are harmless, have no side effects, and give very effective results.

■             Five gm jaggery, 5 gm grated coconut, 4 to 5 almonds added to one banana should be taken. Mash the banana and add the other three ingredients. Take once daily.

■             One apple, 2 spoons honey, few rose petals, rose water, kesar, 3 to 4 elaichi (cardomum) add all these and if taken daily improves haemoglobin levels.

■             Carrot grated 100 gm, one apple, one orange, 2 spoons of grated coconut, roasted pepper powdered 10 gm added to 4 spoons of honey should be taken in the morning. This can be taken in place of breakfast.

■             Drink one glass of sugarcane juice with ginger and lemon added to it.

■             Harad 2 gm (about ½ spoon), sonth (dry ginger) 1 gm (a pinch) added to one spoon honey to be taken for about 3 months to improve haemoglobin levels.

■             Eating green vegetables, amla and taking orange/carrot juice raises haemoglobin levels in the blood.

■             Take 6 gm each of rose petals, sonf and pudina leaves to 200 ml water and bring it to boil. Strain and drink twice daily.

■             Take 12 gm of azwain, soak in 120 ml water for a day and leave it in the dew overnight. Strain and drink in the morning.

■             Take 20 gm sonth (dry ginger), 20 gm jatamansi, 20 gm dalchini and 60 gm mishri (sugar candi) and mix them well and store in a bottle. Take one teaspoon in morning and evening daily.

■             Soak 25 gm of triphala powder in 60 gm of vinegar for a day. And let it dry. Take ½ teaspoon of this powder with water daily.

■             Taking amla powder mixed with butter and honey before eating food improves appetite.

■             Eating 5 gm of gur (jaggery) and 5 gm of kala chana improves haemoglobin levels.

■             While drinking apple/orange, or for that matter any juice, add little jaggery instead of sugar.

■             Add ½ spoon sonth to one spoon jaggery and take twice daily. This improves appetite.

                For the rosy look on your face follow any one of the above suggestions, be healthy and happy.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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