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Natural Cure For Old Age Problems

Updated: April 27, 2015 1:20 pm

Senior citizens constitute almost seven per cent of the country’s population. As the age advances, most of them suffer from various age-related ailments. Here are some common ailments and remedies.


Arthritis or inflammation of the joints is one of the common problems of the old age.

■              Take 50 gm of sonth (dry ginger, fried and powdered), ashwagandha 50 gm (dried in shade and powdered), black sesame (fried and powdered) 50 gm and candy sugar powder 50 gm, grind all the ingredients and add ghee till it becomes a paste. Take one spoon of it daily before meals. Keep it one side of the mouth and suck the juice. This strengthens the weakened nerves, brain, gives strength to body, improves the gel of the joints, removes waste materials accumulated in joints and also removes all pains caused by vaata dosha.

■              Make paste of fresh guava leaves and apply the paste over the surface where there is pain. This poultice will reduce the pain to some extent.

■              Crush four nutmegs, mix with one cup of mustard oil and gently boil. Let it cool and store in a bottle. Massaging this oil too relieves joint pain.

Upon regular usage of these remedies one can be completely cured of the ailments.


With old age, skin loses its elasticity, becomes dried and wrinkled and sometimes also leads to bacterial infection.

■              Mix coconut oil, sesame oil and olive oil and apply to the body ½ an hour before taking bath. This gives relief from skin problems.

■              Take sonth (dry ginger, roasted) 50 gm, neem leaves 50 gm, dried amla 50 gm. Powder all of them, mix and store in a bottle. Take ¼ spoon with warm water daily, to get relief from skin diseases.


If untreated, high blood pressure increases slowly over the years. It can cause certain organs like kidney, heart, eyes deteriorate over the time. It is important for anyone with risk factors to have their blood pressure checked regularly and make appropriate lifestyle changes.

■              Take two tablespoons of raw onion juice and mix it with two teaspoons of honey and drink it. This will immediately give some relief during high B.P. This is not a cure but a temporary aid.

■              Take five pieces of dried amla, one spoon crushed dhania (coriander) seeds and 150 gm of water. Soak in a mud vessel overnight and filter it in the morning, mix little candy sugar and drink. BP patients get giddiness due to the excess heat generated in the brain. Drinking this for one week, provides relief from giddiness.

■              Mix curry leaves and tender neem leaves (dried and powdered) powder and take ½ to 1 spoon with water to get relief from hypertension.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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