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Natural cure for Old Age Problems

Updated: April 6, 2013 2:20 pm

For Improving eyesight

Take, amalaki (amla), vibhitaki and haritaki (five pieces each) soak them in a glass of warm water at night and wash your eyes with this water in the morning. This will clear the haziness in sight, watering and also improve your eyesight.

■                     Take one spoon of triphala powder, one spoon of pure cow ghee and one spoon of honey. Mix all the three. Take one spoon before going to bed. This too helps in giving relief to all your eye problems.


Depression is a common problem in old age. A serious loss, chronic illness, financial problem or any other unwelcome change in the life pattern can lead to depression. Often a combination of psychological and environmental factors is involved in the onset of depressive disorder. Here are some natural remedies for depression.

■         Soak four almonds in warm water in morning, finish dinner by 8 pm. Now remove the outer cover of almonds, add four pepper pods, and crush all of them together. Add this mixture to a cup of milk and boil it. Drink this before going to bed.This gives a soothing effect to the nerves.

■         Make powder of ashwagandha root, sugar candy, licorice, bay leaf and store in a bottle. Consuming one spoon of this powder in hot milk, at night keeps your mind calm and relaxed.

■         Take 50 gm saunf, 20 gm jeera and 70 gm sugar candy. Roast jeera and saunf. Make powder and mix well. Take ½ spoon of it before going to bed. After a week you can increase it by a ¼ spoon, gradually you can take up to one spoon.

            Sight threatening diseases like cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration are the most common age-related diseases. These can be controlled if caught early.



Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin, a hormone that allows blood glucose to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy. Diabetes cannot be cured but can only be controlled by yoga and healthy food choices. Below given are few combinations to cure diabetes:

■         Take good quality turmeric powder and mix with amla powder of equal quantity and store in a bottle. Take one spoon with warm water, one hour before food, twice daily. For children you may give ¼ spoon.

■         Jambul is very useful in controlling diabetes.

■         Take four or five pieces of amla along with two or three tulsi (holy basil) leaves, soak in a glass of water over night and drink this water in the morning. This will not only relieve you of diabetes but also give relief from urinary, skin problems and also strengthens your bones, eyes and teeth.

■         Cinnamon too, if taken regularly, controls diabetes. It has been found that it can convert the glucose into energy and also block out free radicals. The effects of this herb in controlling the blood sugar levels are amazing.

■                     Fenugreek seed powder is known to reduce the blood sugar levels significantly and also reduces triglycerides.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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