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Narrative Building to Hurt Hindus and Hindustan

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: January 31, 2023 9:51 am

A narrative is any account of a series of related events or experiences, whether nonfictional or fictional. In Hindustan narrative is used to convert fictional into non-fictional. It is done with a clear objective to degenerate Hindustan and Hindus. After all Desh and Dharm are same when it comes to Hindus and Hindustan. The surprising part is that degeneration of Hindustan and Hindu Dharm is done by high and mighty. It is a collective work i.e., individuals from different walks of life contribute to it. It is actively supported officially by the individuals, and institutions representing NGO’s, corporates, political parties, media, film, sports as well as governments. The irony is that it is done by the individuals and institutions based both in and out of Hindustan. These individuals and institutions represent different ideologies from Abrahamic to Left. But work in a beautifully orchestrated manner across the globe. One word to describe this gang is ‘cabal’.

The latest example of this narrative building is the derogative BBC Documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’. It coincided with British MP of paki origin abusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the parliament of UK and ongoing World Economic Summit at Davos where Hindustan has a large presence. Not to forget, only few days back Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given call to BJP workers for 2024 elections in its Executive Council meeting. The timing, the homework, the coordination of the cabal is praiseworthy. The documentary is being supported by lot of individuals, political parties, and media in Hindustan. BJP has coined a term ‘tool kit gang’ for this cabal. Government of India has banned the telecast of the video in Hindustan, instead of banning the BBC Channel itself. This pussy footing by the government has emboldened the ‘tool kit gang’.

Narrative building against Hindus and Hindustan is pre partition phenomenan. One of its prominent torch bearers was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He twisted the Hindu prayer composed by Shri Lakshmanacharya to placate Islamist. He made Hindus sing the twisted prayer in the mandir but he never sang the same prayer in a mosque.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi tampered with the Hindu prayer to include “Allah, Rahim, Karim”. Even Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi knew what would have happened to him had he tampered with Islamic prayers to include “Jai Varaha”. He never touched them. Bhartiya secularism is one way street.

This was the beginning of a bigger narrative i.e., secularism. Secularism in Hindustan means abusing Hindus and Hindu Dharm while pampering Abrahamic religions. Politicians have been using it to maximum benefit but real propagators of this narrative is Urduwood (Film industry based in Mumbai). Remember the movie Nastik (non-believer) featuring Amitabh Bachchan. In the movie hero does not believes in Hindu Bhagwan and fights with Bhagwan in the mandir. Ironically the same hero in the same movie believes in Allah and keeps praising him.From glorifying Dons like HaziMastan, Urduwood graduated to glorifying pakis.It will always show how generous Pakis and Muslims are and Hindustanis are narrow minded. The fiction created in the movie ‘83’ based on 1983 Cricket World Cup to glorify pakis is not amusing. The movie also tried to portray Indian soldiers as coward. The narrative building by Urduwood is now exposed and common man also sees through this.

But it is also important to note that these narrative building are part of bigger agenda and part of a long-term narrative building. Narrative building is a long-term process. Urduwood targeted narrative building from 1970s in a focused manner and now it is at it speak. They are so confident now that they have moved out of cinema and openly join protest, against Hindustan in campuses like JNU. They shame Hindus on every festival.

Now the narrative building has become double edged. It creates a demon out of one and a hero out of another, at the same time. Let me demonstrate the narrative building ‘against Hindustan’ and ‘pro-China’, where all the players of the cabal or the tool kit gang are hand in glove.

  1. 7 August 2008: agreement between the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress party and the Communist Party of China (CPC) was signed.
  2. 2015: Aamir Khan’s Hindu abusing movie PK, becomes a blockbuster hit in China.
  3. November 2015: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi came out in support of actor Aamir Khan. Aamir had said that he and his wife, Kiran Rao had a chat where they considered leaving the nation as they deemed the present situation of the country to be too dangerous for their kids.
  4. 2017: Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui, at a time when India and China were in the middle of a stand-off at Doklam.
  5. May 2017: Kerala CPM secretary KodiyeriBalakrishnan said that nobody has the right to question the army and that they (army) can abduct women, rape them and shoot people.
  6. June 2017: Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said it feels bad when COAS BipanRawat speaks like a ‘sadakkagunda.’
  7. July 2017: Rahul Gandhi the then president of India’s main opposition partyhad a secret meeting with a couple of Chinese ministers during his trip to Kailash Mansarovar in September.
  8. September 2018: The Sterlite copper plant in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi is closed. The closure has costed the Indian economy over Rs 14,000 crore. Congress supported the activists demanding closure.
  9. Leader of Congress party in Lok Sabha – AdhirRanjan Chowdhury, in May, had tweeted against China for its aggression along the LAC and had issued some warnings to China while praising the Indian forces. He was forced to delete his tweet against China as it had reportedly did not please the Congress leadership.Rajya Sabha MP and senior Congress leader Anand Sharma had soon issued a clarification for the anti-China tweet made by the AdhirRanjan Chowdhury. He tweeted, “The Indian National Congress recognises and values the special strategic partnership between India and China. As two ancient civilisations and large economies of the world, both countries are destined to make a significant contribution in the 21st Century.” He added “The views of Congress Lok Sabha leader AdhirRanjan Chowdhury in China are his own and do not reflect the party position,”.
  10. June 2020: China – Hindustan clash in Galwan river valley. Both China and Hindustan loose Jawans. China far more than Hindustan.
  11. November 2020: Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Even though Pfizer has created a promising vaccine, the logistics for making it available to every Indian need to be worked out. GOI has to define a vaccine distribution strategy and how it will reach every Indian.,
  12. December 2020: 23 lakh people in the world have already received Covid vaccinations. China, US, UK, Russia have started. India ka number kabayegaa, Modi ji? (When will India’s number come?),” Rahul Gandhi tweeted
  13. June 2021: Covid first, second waves were disastrous; govt needs to prepare for third wave said Rahul Gandhi
  14. April 2022:The problem for us in imitating China’s path is China has already created the backlash in the West to manufacturing-led growth. It is not that we will be able to manufacture those cheap assembly line stuff that China manufactured and sent to the US without seeing a similar kind of backlash against India, said RaguhramRajan, Ex RBI Governor.
  15. October2022: Hindustan becomes world’s fifth largest economy.
  16. October2022: World cannot afford India to follow China’s manufacturing model, saidRaghuramRajan, Ex RBI Governor.
  17. December 2022: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Chinese troops are thrashing Indian army soldiers along the line of actual control (LAC). While in reality the Indian Army soldiers not only beat the livings daylight out of the intruding Chinese forces, but they also chased them away across the LAC.
  18. January 2023: Former RBI governor RaghuramRajan said it is too premature to think that India will replace China when it comes to influencing global economic growth.
  19. January 2023: In an interaction with actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, during his yatraCongress leader Rahul Gandhi while referring to China said that when the ‘economy doesn’t work and there is joblessness and internal fighting, then opponents can take advantage of the situation.’ Rahul Gandhi also heaped praise on China and ‘there is no one who can compete with China’ on production.Speaking about the changing nature of conflict, Gandhi said that the ‘meaning of conflict has been transformed because earlier you fought just on the border but now you fight everywhere.’

Now look at the outcome of above-mentioned incidents:

  1. Leader of opposition signs a deal with China.
  2. Masses in Hindustan are given a soft image of China saying they love movies of Urduwood. The actor is used to make a statement against Hindustan supported by leader of opposition.
  3. P Chidambaram was an independent director in Sterlite Company before he joined Manmohan Singh’s government. Closure of Sterlite Copper made Hindustan a net-importer of Copper from exporter. Copper is an essential material in ship building. India is actively engaged in ship building to counter China’s naval power. The country which benefited because of closure of Sterlite Copper is Pakistan. Pakistan has copper mines and it starts exporting to the world, while Hindustan is trying to put pressure on Pakistan through international sanctions. Interestingly no one had ever died due to pollution in Sterlite factory but it was closed for causing pollution. Yes, 13 people did die protesting against the factory.
  4. Opposition parties led by Rahul Gandhi kept questioning Hindustan’s vaccine police and vaccine; while praising China. They kept seeding doubts in the minds of citizens. While in reality Hindustan turned out to be the best managed and Hindustan’s vaccine was accepted to be best in the world. While China is still struggling.
  5. Though Hindustan’s economy kept growing and went on to become the 5th largest in the world, Rahul Gandhi led opposition kept criticizing economy. Ex RBI Governor and Rahul Gandhi’s fan, keeps saying Hindustan should not get into manufacturing. He invites world to stop Hindustan from getting into manufacturing. Incidentally in 2013 the same Ex-RBI Governor was advising Hindustan to get into manufacturing. While on the other hand Rahul Gandhi says no one can beat China in manufacturing.
  6. Shamelessly the opposition lead by Rahul Gandhi keeps abusing our own defense forces trying to bring their moral down.
  7. In totality the idea is to portray China as a super power and Hindustan and Hindus as a meek nation and people, which cannot take care of its health, economy and defense. In a clandestine way inviting China to attack Hindustan.

This is long term narrative building. Normal citizens do not have time to decipher it and taking advantage of this the tool kit gang plays with the subconscious mind of citizens.

It is also important to note that parallelly many narratives are being built against Hindus and Hindustan. One narrative is of cast-based atrocities, the other is of Hindi imposition. Another narrative is against Hindu festivals where every festival is bombarded with environmental issues or gender issues in a negative manner. This narrative building against Hindus has reached outside Hindustan. Now Hindus are under attack in Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia to name a few places.

Before I end let me sight one fake narrative building using women and caste in Kerala. It was being propagated that the “breast tax” was imposed on women belonging to some caste if they wanted to cover their breast. Also, it was said that one woman cut off her breast in protest. BBC went on to make a report and some made a documentary. In reality there was nothing called Breast Tax. A narrative was built to turn fiction into reality.

It is very important that Hindus and Hindustan looks at anything which puts them down as part of a narrative building agenda. Hindustan and Hindus are on a growth path after almost a thousand years. There will be lot of such fake narratives thrown at us to derail us, shake our confidence. We need to stand by our conviction and junk such narratives and move ahead.


Sandeep Singh

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