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Narendra Modi  Vs Rahul Gandhi

Updated: September 21, 2018 2:17 pm

The available birth details of Prime Minister Narender Modi are 17-09-1950, 12:09 Hrs, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, but according to my opinion it does not suit his personality. So, taking same date of birth and same Lagna, I take his time of birth to be one hour earlier i.e. 11 : 09 A.M., Scorpio Lagna and Cancer Navamsha, Mars placed in both the Lagnas.

Placement of Third and Fourth Lord in Eleventh Bhava in Bhava Kundli having a conjunction with Eighth and Eleventh Lord Mercury, Tenth Lord Sun and Ketu gives him a excellent leadership qualities but is also a worrisome factor as far as his longevity is concerned.

This displacement also clears his family life status with Cancer Navamsha according to me. Another notable feature in the horoscope is all the planets in Lagna including Lagna are in SarpaDreshkane which are beneficial for his Yoga activities but are worrisome too specially, Mars. Jupiter, is in PaashDreshkane but another worrisome factors are Mercury ( R ), Sun and Venus are in VishNavamsha, particularly first two.

Now, at the time of Lok Sabha elections in 2019, he will be running Moon / Ketu  dasha and Pratyantar will be probably of Mars onwards. The Moon M.D Lord is his Ninth Lord conjoint with his Ninth and Sixth Lord Mars forming a Raj Yoga in Lagna and Ketu, A.D. Lord is in Eleventh house from Lagna as well as from the Moon is with two Kendra Lords Saturn and Mercury who are Third and Eighth Lords respectively too (a worrisome factor). So, Vimshottaridasha is very potent, ensure success to Narender Modi. But Transit of major planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu at the time of elections will be in his Second house and Eighth house axis. Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will be in his Second house whereas Rahu will be in the Eighth house. Though dasha is potent, transit makes scenario competitive and worrisome as far as Eighth house is concerned. His Moon’s DashaKundli shows Sixth house of competition is rising in the Lagna, the Moon in the Second house which is the Seventh house and Ketu in the Fifth house which is the Ninth house. Also, the Moon’s and Ketu’s position in DashaKundli is Kendra position i.e 4-10. All these factors in DashaKundli also ensures success in the election.


In Jaimini, Sthirdasha at the time of election will be Aries / Libra, Aries is the Sixth house Rashi and Fifth house from KarkamshaLagna. From Aries Atmakarak (AK) Saturn, Amatyakarak( AMK ) Venus are in Fifth house, Tenth Pada in Seventh house and Fifth Pada in Tenth House. Whereas from Libra AK and AMK in Eleventh house, Tenth Pada itself in RashiDasha whereas Fifth Pada is in Fourth house.

In Char Dasha, it is Aquarius / Libra. From Aquarius, AK and AMK are in Seventh house, Tenth Pada in Ninth house, KarkamshaLagna in Eleventh house. Libra already explained.

In MandookDasha, it is Libra / Scorpio . Libra already explained. Scorpio contains GK ( Mars ) and BK ( Moon ) and from it AK and AMK are in Tenth house, Tenth Pada in Twelth house, Fifth Pada in Third house and KarkamshaLagna is in Second House.

In all Dashas we see Libra is coming in prominence either as A.D or as R.D. AK, AMK, Tenth Pada, Fifth Pada’s are all very well placed from RashiDashas and AntarRashiDashas too. So, they ensure success in election to Narender Modi but there is a small word of caution as Libra is a hundred percent afflicted Rashi.

The birth data  for Congress President Rahul Gandhi is 19-06-1970, 14 : 27 : 32 Hrs., Delhi, Libra Lagna and Libra Navamsha.

Notable features isYogkaraka Saturn got conjunct with Ninth and Twelth Lord Mercury in the Eighth house of Bhava Kundli describing why he is always short of victory and his Second and Seventh Lord Mars getting conjoint with Lagna Lord and Eighth Lord Venus in Tenth House of Bhava Kundli, adding another factor for delay in his marital statehood. His Moon is in the VishNavamsha.

Now,at the time of Lok Sabha election in 2019 he will be running Rahu / Rahu / Rahu dasha. Rahu is in his Fifth house of the horoscope of a Yogkarak plane.  so his dasha should be proved to be fruitful to him. Again, the transit of the major planets Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu will be on his Third house whereas Rahu will be on Ninth house but will be on both natal Luminaries which will be some what bad. In Rahu DashaKundli his Eighth house Taurus Sign is rising which is again not a good sign  having a placement of the Moon and Jupiter in it, his Third as well as Sixth and Tenth Lords. Rahu and Ketu are placed in Seventh house in Scorpio which is the Second house ensures success as the entire M.D / A.D / P.D is of Rahu will be going on at the time of election but with a rider that Eighth house is rising in DashaKundli.


Now, in Jaimini, SthirDasha, it will be Capricorn / Aquarius at the time of election. Capricorn is the Fourth Rashi and KarakamshaLagna is Eleventh from it. From it AK,

Saturn is in the Fourth House, AMK Mars, PK Sun, Fifth Pada are in Sixth house forming a Raj Yoga, Tenth Pada is in Fifth house aspectingit ,PaakLagna is in Seventh house. AntarDashaRashi Aquarius is 2/12 from RashiDasha. KarakamshaLagna is Tenth from it, AMK, PK, Fifth Pada forming a Raj Yoga., Tenth Pada is in Fourth house., PaakLagna, Lagna Pada and Ninth Pada are aspecting it.

In Char Dasha it is Pisces / Capricorn. Pisces is Sixth house RashiDasha. From it KarakamshaLagna is in Ninth house. From Pisces AMK, PK alongwith Fifth Pada forming a potent Raj Yoga with a aspect of DK too in Fourth house and all are aspecting the RashiDasha making it most potent Rashi, Tenth Pada is in Third house. Capricorn Rashi already explained.

All these factors also ensures success to Shri Rahul Gandhi in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But in comparison, the horoscope of Prime Minister Narender Modi is more potent than Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Though major transit of the planets is not favourable to both of them, specially to Modi.



By Achary Vinay Gupta

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