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Mystery Deepens: Did Isi Gave “Supari” For Sunanda?

Updated: January 31, 2015 8:00 am

The knot will not be easily untangled. Insiders say that Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani beauty and journalist was being used by the Pak agency to lure Shashi Tharoor. It could be true, it is known in Washington and London that many among the accredited Pakistani journalists work as informers and a few actively try to befriend “sources” for information. It is quite plausible that someone like Tarar, an attractive young woman and on top of it a journalist was retained by the ISI. She would have the justification to meet anyone for an interview and then if the ISI quarry is an important politician or a bureaucrat or an army officer, she could be asked to entice the interviewee with a flutter of her eyes and coquettish conduct. Then some Katy’s name has cropped up too!

It seems there were many in Dubai to make a man with glad eye go gaga and make a man of position forget to avoid beds of such women who have the art to extract secrets while the man has been hypnotised by their sexuality. Any man, especially one known to have glad eye will be easily lured by a pretty women like Tarar. Sunanda, it is alleged, was to reveal that her husband and then a minister had a fling with her when he went to Dubai, where Tarar is based. Very melodramatic all this. A spy, a powerful minister, an enemy intelligence agency, and Dubai, where Dawood has his network—all ingredients for a pot-boiler and a super hit movie. The twist is that a suspected murder was committed. Wife Sunanda had threatened to hold a press conference where she was allegedly going to reveal her husband Tharoor’s escapades with Tarar in Dubai and also alleged illegalities in the IPL. But before the press conference she was found dead.

Investigation have also now revealed that four men from Dubai were staying in the same hotel where Sunanda had checked in. They, it has now been found, had forged passports. It means they have just melted away and cannot be traced. Were they ISI’s members of dirty cell? Were they in the hotel to ‘eliminate’ Sunanda? The plot has thickened. Those who believe that Tharoor is involved may be disappointed. If he is a lady’s man, fond of romancing beauties, he would be the last person to hurt them. Rapists turn killers, not those who seduce, successfully generally. But if reports are true, he is certainly worried. He is supposed to have met Ahmed Patel who has promised all help. And he can, don’t forget he is from Gujarat and has right connections. If Tharoor has done no wrong, it would be impossible to entangle him. That much Patel can do!

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