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India is in pain and furious too. Pained by a sick mentality and furious over a heinous crime committed because of this mentality. In May 2022 a Dalit Hindu girl- Shraddha Walker from Maharashtra was murdered by her live-in Muslim partner- Aftab Amin Poonawalla in Delhi. He then cut her dead body into 35 pieces and dispersed those over a period of next 18 days in the jungles of Mehrauli. This gruesome incident came to the fore after six months on November 10, 2022. And, as usual, the left-liberal cabal started their propaganda of giving Aftab a shade to save himself. They are painting it as one-off incident. But if readers may remember, Diksha Mishra in Uttar Pradesh, Ankita Singh from Jharkhand, Nikita Tomar in Haryana’s Faridabad, Antima in Rajasthan’s Kota, and the most recent Mamata murdered by MohhamadShariq in Chandigarh are the most recent examples of results of Hindu girls refusing marriage and conversion proposals from Muslim boys. This is merely a summary of the most recent few years. Hindu girls have violently lost their lives in similar situations in India throughout the history of Love Jihad. Since there are still a significant number of these occurrences that are unreported, suppressed, or locally resolved, the actual intensity and scope of the problem are far greater.

There is no reason to think that these are recent developments following the BJP’s Modi-led victory in India’s 2014 general election. Vivek Singh, Professor of History at Bhagat Singh College of Delhi University says that “Since the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate in 1206 AD, Muslims have been involved in such terrible crimes in India. The Quran sanctifies sexual assault, coerced conversion, and the killing of Kafir (Hindu) girls and women by them. Such heinous crimes are also promoted as the door to Jannat by their AsmaaniKitab. Even MK Gandhi sanctified their heinous crimes during Moplah riots”

After India gained its independence in 1947, all of the major political parties, especially Congress, began to censor news of these incidents. Hindus have just recently learned about such a terrible Love Jihad through social media, thanks to the rebirth of Hindu civilisational pride. The print and electronic mainstream media in India are still reluctant to cover such crimes committed by Muslims.

‘Love-Jihad’ is the colloquial term for the interfaith union of a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl. The liberals in India frequently make fun of this term. It was simply about getting married to change one’s religion. It is a word that the “liberal elite class” and “liberal media” find disgusting and abhorrent. They view marriage as a voluntary union of two people. The two people in question are hassle-free and, like free radicals, they are free to float or flirt whichever they like. They believe that planned marriages between young men and women are outdated and primitive. These western philosophies are deeply ingrained in the liberal mindset. They view the East via a West-lens. The phrase “Love Jihad” is derived from the English word “love” and the Arabic word “jihad.” In a strict sense, terms connected to languages are “foreign” to India. The term “love jihad” tends to connote sentiments of incursion by foreign forces just from the name, making everything connected to it seem strange and unusual. Although native words for love, such as “ishq” or “prem,” could have been used instead, the combination of “love” and “jihad” feels more appropriate because it conjures up associations with a number of particular notions relating to a colonial past as well as to Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent. Additionally, the usage of the word jihad introduces a new threat to the concept because it is frequently understood to mean violence driven by religion, or one can say terrorism.

Sandeep Patel, a professor of Political Science in CSSS (PG) College, Meerut says: “Love Jihad is an open violation of a woman’s human rights in addition to being a premeditated jihad to manipulate the emotions of girls and women. The procedure is a well-planned scheme to sway the nation’s people in favour of a particular religion. It is a carefully thought-out plot to increase the number of adherents of a certain religion and, as a result, influence the democratic election process. This action has an impact on the nation’s sovereignty and appears to move the nation closer to the ideas of ISIS and an Islamic state. It is evident from examining multiple documented incidents that all of these actions are a part of a plot to purposefully undermine a certain religion (Hinduism), which is regarded as a holy cause in Islam.”

Remember Ajmer?

One can say that the concept of love jihad is concocted to satisfy Hindu supremacists, but one cannot deny the facts. India was horrified in 1992 when one of the worst crimes committed by some was made public. A scandal involving daily harassment and rape of hundreds of girls came to light when a brave journalist had the bravery to confront the extremely powerful and well-connected individuals responsible for the crime. The story takes place in Ajmer- a city with a rich tradition in Rajasthan, which is home to the well-known Ajmer Sharif Dargah, a Sufi shrine dedicated to the “saint” Moinuddin Chishti. Nobody could have ever predicted the horrifying sexual assault being committed by the powerful caretaker family of a location that so many people regarded as “holy”.

The crime was conducted by a group of criminals after Farooq Chishti, a member of the same powerful family, lured a student from Ajmer’s Sophia Girls School into his trap, sexually assaulted her, and took “compromising” pictures of the incident. The girl was then subjected to blackmail using these photographs, and was forced to convince more of her friends to participate in this. As the cycle continued, more than 100 girls were victimised by the crime. These girls came from wealthy, prominent families, many of whom were born to active IPS/IAS officers; they were not from very destitute households. One of the most well-known institutions in Ajmer- The Sophia Girls School has branches all over India. Farooq Chishti, the primary defendant, served as the leader of the Ajmer Youth Congress at the time. When the revelations were made, the entire nation was inconsolably stunned. This could be one of the country’s first instances of “Love Jihad.” The phrase wasn’t yet invented, yet it was enough to cause racial tensions at the time.

This kind of crime are not confined to India only. jihad of this form is prevalent in the so-called civilised United Kingdom too. According to a BBC report, “In September 2012, a confidential 2010 police report had warned thousands of child sexual exploitation crimes were being committed in South Yorkshire each year by networks of Asian men. Offences went unprosecuted despite police

and child-protection agencies in Rotherham having had knowledge of these crimes for decades, the paper said”.

Rotherham Borough Council, South Yorkshire Police and other agencies set up a child sexual exploitation (CSE) team to investigate the issues raised in the report. The council would go on to commission an independent inquiry to be led by Prof Alexis Jay.

Her report, published in 2014, found at least 1,400 children were subjected to sexual abuse and she detailed how girls as young as 11 were raped, trafficked, abducted, beaten, and intimidated by men predominantly of Pakistani Muslim heritage.

While the liberal-left cabal can make any claim they may want, but the fact remains that there is a danger of the jihad by Muslims in India and other nations practicing different religion from them.

Even the Christians are feeling the pangs of Love Jihad in India. In Kerala, the Catholic Church has warned teachers and parents to be on the lookout for a purported hardline Islamic plot to convert young women through marriage. However, a Muslim group member has denied these assertions. The accusations were made public in a recent lawsuit before the Kerala High Court. Two female students from a Catholic business school- a Hindu and a Christian, claimed to have fallen for a Muslim youngster’s trick in the beginning of September. This trick is now known as “Love Jihad” in the state. They said that Muslim teenagers wooed them and made them fall in love. The women said that the young people later forced them to convert to Islam. After the women’s parents raised concerns about their absence, the women were brought into court. After that, the women were permitted to depart with their parents. Two Muslim men who were purportedly members of Campus Front of India- a student group affiliated with the Muslim group- Popular Front of India (PFI), were denied bail. The court requested on September 30 that the state police and the central authorities look into the phenomena of “Love Jihad”. To assist parents and instructors in protecting female pupils, the Church commission in Kerala has distributed instructions to all churches and Church-managed educational institutions. Parents and educational institutions have been asked to keep an eye on their children’s activities.

On a global scale, a conspiracy consisting of The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Harvard University, Ford Foundation, and others have been blaming Hindus in India of fictitious persecution of Muslims around the clock. The Hinduphobic bigoted cabal is so unscrupulous that it refuses to acknowledge, among other things, the fact that Muslims in India are violent toward Hindu women in a manner that is typical of the nation as a whole.

The liberal environment in India is comparable to that of the United States or other western political theatres, which are unusually fast to give in to accusations of Islamophobia if the suspects, attackers, or criminals are Muslim. The media, academia, and the chattering classes frequently raise shrill cries whenever any aspect of Hindu culture is perceived to usurp Islamic hegemony, despite the country’s pluralism and the fact that the majority religion (Hinduism) coexists peacefully with the minority religions of Islam and Christianity.

However, a central law is much needed to curb this kind of jihad and the Uttar Pradesh government’s ordinance, which aims to prevent forced or fraudulent religious conversions, particularly those made for marital purposes, is a step taken in the right direction. Anandiben Patel, the state’s governor, gave her approval, and it has since been published in the UP Gazette and made into law. Central government is also trying to put forward such an anti-conversion law, but the liberal-left cabal has so tremendous anchorage in the judiciary that the union government is also not able to win over. But the central government has to win over this fight; otherwise, it will become an existential crisis for Hindus and the country as a whole in the near future.


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