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‘Mulayam’ Amar Prem?

Updated: December 26, 2009 4:37 pm

The corridors of power in Capital Delhi are abuzz with the fervent craving to know the reasons behind the secret of ‘Amar Prem’ between Amar Singh and SP supremo Mulayam Singh. Recently, Amar Singh ‘expressed’ his apple of discord with Mulayam Singh through a news channel owned by his ‘enemy’ and a Congress leader. As soon as Mulayam came to know of Amar gripe, he left no stone unturned to locate Amar, and ask him to come and meet him. But Thakur Amar didn’t budge. Ultimately, Mulayam went to see Amar and tried to persuade him. Within 72 hours, Mulayam tried to ‘persuade’ Amar twice and that too in his house! What is more, he openly criticised his own brother Ramgopal Yadav. And lo and behold! Mulayam finally succeeded in bringing home to Amar the urgency of the situation. And thus blossomed again ‘Amar Prem’. But political observers are bemused with this change. There was a time when Amar Singh used to follow Mulayam and now Mulayam is following him. Is the reason being Amar’s dexterity in raising funds for the party or something fishy, which, if exposed, will tarnish the image of Mulayam? Only God knows. But Amar has again shown his influence over the party by putting screws on it–Amar Style.


Shivraj cribs

Ex-union home minister and ex-Speaker of Lok Sabha Shivraj Patil is down in mouth. Despite the fact that he kept on dancing attendance on his boss to curry favours and his submissive loyalty to Sonia dynasty, he has not been rewarded for his allegiance. Hence, he has decided to go public. It is to be noted that he was compelled to resign after 26/11 attack in Mumbai, with him Maharashtra home minister RR Patil also put up his papers under tremendous pressure. Now RR Patil has again been inducted into the new Maharashtra cabinet, Shivraj Patil is still at a discount. Earlier there were speculations that he would be appointed the Governor of a big state but it turned out to be a cock-and-bull story, as nothing to this effect happened. Meanwhile, he got himself busy in writing his autobiography. The media-shy Patil recently invited Maharashtra journalists on breakfast at his bungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi. There he informed the journalists that his autobiography is ready and that he would not accept governorship. The political observers are trying to read between the lines to find out what is the message behind his ‘disclosure’ at this juncture.

Manmohan’s ‘exclusive’ feat

After having been elected PM for the second consecutive term, Dr Manmohan Singh has set a new record as the first PM to have visited the maximum number of days abroad when the Parliament sessions are going on! In the ongoing winter session of Parliament, PM visited United States and Port of Spain to attend the Commonwealth Summit. On December 6, he went to Russia on a three-day visit. The winter session of Parliament is scheduled to end on December 21 and Dr Singh’s future programme has been announced. He will visit Denmark on December 17 to attend the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. But the buzz word among the political observers is the timing of PM’s US visit, i.e. on the first anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attack, he was in Washington and was having a toast with US President Barak Obama! Can anyone imagine the US President doing the same on 9/11 attack in United States?

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