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Much Ado About Something

Updated: November 8, 2014 2:35 pm

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts

Eloquently scripted the lines in a poem by the literary legend William Shakespeare have an impact that last forever. Simar Malhotra, the author of ‘There is a Tide’ during her sojourn at USA did a course in Shakespeare and creative writing at Yale University. She was inspired to pen her debut novel published by Rupa Publications. The Class XII student of Step by Step International School, Jaipur said: “I always kept a diary and while attending the courses I jotted down a couple of my experiences. On return I read them and thought I could weave a story around it.”

The novel is about Rhea, a girl whose life revolves around her adorable parents and two elder brothers, Arjun and Daksh. She made a special mention of her cousin Swati, who played a pivotal role in architecting the plot. The book is so gripping you cannot put it down, it opens with a female protagonist, who goes to attend a summer course at Yale university that leaves a profound effect on her. College, campus, classrooms and gymnasium stay etched in her psyche, marked indelibly ever since she summed up all those loose ends and pieced them together in one piece.

The tale has a twist which comes like a nasty blow, the lass has the devil of a mess to learn that Arjun is implicated in a murder case by some people with political clout. Rhea returns only to find her father in a state of coma and mother utterly distraught, this tore the family to shreds. Daksh, the black sheep of the family remains immune to the tempest at home. She tries to pick up the pieces with a view to bringing back that lost smile; this tinge of blues was well pictured in the plot. Influenced by the giant playwright she juxtaposed every bit of Shakespearean works into her compilation that took her almost a year to finish it off.   The novel also talks about a great deal of romance blossomed between Rhea and Abhimanyu that will tickle young fancy. The narrative has several incidents highlighting certain unique traits of Indians behaving when abroad. The language used in style of English writing is lucid. The author has a command on the expressions she actually wished to whisper across.

I personally found the novel worth reading for different frames clicked in a subtle manner, for real performers in the book, that essay the whole plot like one on one. The pace is rather slow but gripping and wonderful and will wholly be enjoyed by those in the teens.

By Syed Wajid Ali


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