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Mouth Ulcers

Updated: September 29, 2012 1:40 pm

Mouth ulcers are very tiny to look at but cause lot of pain. They won’t let you swallow even the liquids and sometimes make it difficult to talk. They take at least four, five days to subside. The major causes of mouth ulcers come from poor nutrition like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, digestive problems, immune disorders, smoking, stress etc. Unhealthy eating habits such as burgers, pizza’s etc fail to provide your body with sufficient amount of nutrients. These foods satiate your hunger but they lack appropriate amount of all the essential nutrients and water.

If your diet is poor and is lacking in the right nutrients mouth ulcers may occur. Hot and spicy foods may aggravate mouth ulcers as can caffeine and alcohol. Often it is hereditary in the family that one gets these ulcers.

Some people under constant stress may suffer from physical symptoms as their body tries to cope with excessive mental pressure. These symptoms can often manifest as mouth ulcers. If one is under constant stress, he should seek the help of a doctor before the problem starts to have a serious impact on the mental well being. Mouth ulcers and cankers can be the result of allergies—an allergic reaction to something in the environment. Often that is difficult to determine and the process of elimination takes time. An allergy test can pinpoint the exact cause of reaction, so that it can be eliminated from your lifestyle and put an end to your ulcer problem. Accidental biting or an injury to the mouth can also cause mouth ulcers.

How do these ulcers look? If you see in a mirror there are small pores which activate taste buds. They get covered and the tongue looks very smooth, when you get these canker sores in your mouth, the color of the tongue changes to light pink or dark pink. Light pink due to anemia and dark if the ulcers are severe, slightly bigger or in clusters.


■      Add one spoon of trifala powder to a glass of warm water and rinse mouth with this solution.

■      Make paste of peepal tree bark and leaves, add little honey and apply on the ulcers.

■      Mulathi 50 gms amla powder 50 gms mix together and store in a bottle. When required take ½ spoon of both powders add a spoon of honey and slowly take this or rather lick with tongue to get fast relief. Anything mixed with honey should be taken slowly.

■      Add rock salt to warm water and rinse the mouth.

■      Apply glycerin with cotton on the effected parts and let the saliva come out.

■      Sucking neem gum is also beneficial in this case.

■      Make decoction of mogra leaves and rinse the mouth to get quick relief from mouth ulcers.

■      Soak raisins in water for some time and then chew and eat.

■      Boil acacia gum in triple quantity of water, sieve it and store it in a bottle. Apply this on the ulcers.

■      Mouth ulcers are the result of lack of Vitamin C. Drinking orange or lemon juice and including carrot and leafy vegetables in the diet gives relief to mouth ulcers.

■       Gargle with fresh coconut milk two or three times a day to keep the mouth clean and ease the pain of the ulcer.

■       Add little salt to water and gargle. It can help heal the ulcer.

■       Peppermint oil is great for immediate relief from the pain and irritation of an ulcer.

■       Eating raw onion in salad etc. is good for ulcers as they contain sulphur.

■       Chew tulsi leaves and then sip water.

■       Cold tea bag placed on the ulcer will give relief and the tannin will dry out the sore.

■       Applying milk of gular tree is also beneficial in this case.

■       Apply peppermint oil with glycerin on the ulcers for quick relief.

Nutrition advice from a trained nutritionist can lead to a right diet to prevent the onset of ulcers or clear up recurring ulcer problems.

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