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Moribund society! Dalit groom on a horseback stone-pelted

Updated: May 23, 2015 5:04 pm

The dividing line between upper and lower castes has blurred in urban areas but it thrives in villages. A Dalit groom who ‘dared’ to go to bride’s place riding a horse for the wedding had to wear a helmet to avoid being hit by stones hurled at him from all directions by upper caste Hindus. The upper caste Hindus in the Nerugen village in Ratlam district were so livid that they pelted stones despite a big police contingent accompanying the Baraat.

The groom Purlal Padiyar was to take out his marriage procession in Nerugen village and for which Purlalal’s family had arranged a horse. But when the upper caste villagers opposed a Dalit groom riding a horse, the owner of the horse fearing for it, in case stones were hurled refused to provide the horse. But Purlal’s family with the help of police got a horse.

But undeterred by the police presence a crowd of upper caste Hindus pelted stones from all sides. Six people were injured. It is said 70 villagers have been booked by the police. Well this is 15 years into the new millennium but old social barriers refuse to fade away. Even globalisation has not impacted. This is why we say, good, ugly or bad our Bharat is Mahan.

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