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 More than 7 lakh tests of COVID-19 samples in single day!

Updated: August 10, 2020 1:11 pm
India has achieved a remarkable feat yesterday by performing more than seven lakh tests of coronavirus samples in a single day.

Union Health Ministry said, continuing the streak of more than six lakh tests in a single day for several days, India’s tests have grown exponentially. The Ministry said, states have been advised to firmly focus on comprehensive tracking, prompt isolation and effective treatment. Several meetings have been taken in the past week to engage with States that are showing higher fatality rates.

India’s COVID-19 recoveries have crossed the historic peak of 1.5 million. Health Ministry said recovery of more than 15 lakh has been made possible because of the policy of Testing aggressively, Tracking comprehensively and Treating efficiently. It said better ambulance services, focus on Standard of Care and use of non-invasive oxygen have given desired results. COVID-19 infection still remains concentrated in 10 States that contribute more than 80 percent of the new cases.

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