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Monkeypox spreads in 75 country; What you should know about monkeypox

Updated: July 25, 2022 12:40 pm

For more than two years, the world has been battling with the infection of the Coronavirus. Against this backdrop, it is perturbing to say that it was not even fully recovered from it that a new virus monkeypox is becoming a matter of concern for the world. The virus has been confirmed in 75 countries including India so far. More than 16 thousand cases have been reported and 5 people have lost their lives. Four cases have been confirmed in India alone, in which 3 are in Kerala and one patient is in Delhi.

According to experts, the monkeypox virus mutates very rapidly but this infection can be treated. Treatment varies with symptoms. They said that the infection starts with fever, headache and flu. As the infection intensifies, red sores appear on the body, which are itchy like chickenpox. The incubation period of the virus ranges from five to 21 days.

Experts further reveal that Corona is an RNA virus, whereas monkeypox is a DNA virus. This virus does not spread through the air, but can be passed from one person to another through contact with the patient, through his/her droplets and through physical contact. Because of this, it is being found in 98% homosexuals. To protect against this virus, it is necessary that those who are infected should be isolated and others should keep away from them.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday declared monkeypox a global health emergency. The United Nations health agency said that its spread in 75 countries is an ‘extraordinary’ situation.
The Centre held a high-level review meeting to take stock of the monkeypox situation in the country. The Union Health Secretary, Directorate General of Health Services and Director of National Centre for Disease Control held a meeting with the joint monitoring group yesterday afternoon.

States and Union Territories have been advised to undertake close surveillance. With a 34-year-old man with no history of foreign travel testing positive yesterday in the national capital, the Delhi government has now been advised to undertake contact tracing.

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