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Modi’s Kashi or Kashi’s Modi

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: December 23, 2021 7:09 am

In 2014 when Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of Bharat, it was a time for a change of time of our nation to make it a Nav Bharat (new India ). Some opponents of Modi shouted that now Bharat will head for communal violence everywhere and they continuously tried their best to float conspiracy theories against the Union Government. But things changed fast, situations changed and an overall positive atmosphere was established under the able leadership of Modi. The principle of good governance took roots amongst the citizens, resulting in the win of the BJP in different states barring a few wins by regional parties in Bengal, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. Grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya is getting ready. Article 370 has been scrapped in Kashmir. A series of development initiatives in the field of infrastructure development, redefining social values and special focus on our iconic corridors made Modi more popular among both rural and urban Bharat. A recent masterstroke by our Prime Minister at Kashi is worth praising. I think this is the first time the Prime Minister of Bharat gave special focus on developing the spiritual soul of Bharat, which is Kashi Vishwanath. The grand temple regained its lost glory by restructuring its new campus. A clean corridor between mother Ganga and Baba Vishwanath was the need of the hour for lakhs of devotees, who thronged the grand old Shiv Dham. This is not all, and Modi deserves kudos for being instrumental in cleaning the mother Ganga. He himself had a holy deep in the Ganga at Kashi and then offered puja to Baba Vishwanath. If one has marked the way Modi was following the traditions of offering puja in Hinduism, one must salute him, for his dedication, commitment in developing an iconic heritage site. Although he is from Gujarat, he chose to contest from Varanasi. Now, one can see that it was his vision to bring Kashi Into the front line of spiritual tourism. Now, lakhs of saints and devotees can have a safe and holy deep at Maa Ganga and offer puja at Kashi Vishwanath. The ultra-modern cruise at the mother Ganga shows the way, how a government is committed to developing the centres of spiritual souls of Bharat.

It was a planned conspiracy of our invaders to change the core values of our famous iconic corridors and develop it just like a commercial town. Now if one sees the long highways that are going on at high altitudes of Kedarnath and Badrinath, if one sees the modern facilities provided at different spiritual centres, one is sure that Modi has the dual vision of restoring our age-old lost glory, and at the same time, making infrastructure development for a self-reliant, modern Bharat. It takes years to change the basic development of a nation in every field. Now, the critics of Modi are also silent, seeing the way Modi is moving forward In strengthening the health-care system of Bharat, minimising the import of arms in defence sector, providing insurance and other facilities to farmers and bringing a new National Education Policy for the nation. The time has come now that the people of this great nation must keenly watch the working style of the Modi government to strengthen good governance and how the Prime Minister is walking forward with his new policies to restore our lost glory. Kashi is, no doubt, a benchmark and one hopes the same story would repeat at other iconic heritage spots.



By Deepak Kumar Rath


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