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Modi The Bahubali

Updated: June 1, 2017 3:54 pm


Now that Narendra Modi has successfully completed three years in office as Prime Minister, it has become heartburn for some, while the majority of citizens are feeling soothing. The happiness is reflected in the overwhelming support to the BJP in the recently held local and assembly elections. The Brand Modi is now working miracles in elections as well as in controlling the Opposition and branding the image of  India abroad. So much so, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, who was deprecated as “Maut Ka Saudagar”, is now being sanctified as “Garibo Ka Messiah”. The politics in India has taken a U-turn after the emergence of Modi factor, though the ideological opponents of BJP may not accept this. And yes, the most spectacular change that is wide open and spelled out by the political pundits is that the Left is deserted with left-outs of old guards, and the current leadership of the  Congress that ruled the country for so many years after Independence has become a laughing stock. The regional parties like DMK, AIADMK, Shiv Sena and BJD are all becoming politically irrelevant, only after the emergence of M-factor. There is a psychological fear among the political parties, as all of their strategies do not work in the Modi era. Doing dirty politics in the name of Dalits, running a conspiracy theory that demonetisation will finish Modi, Swachh Bharat scheme is a big flop, and so many, but nothing is really working. Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Congress party, has become a blessing in disguise for NaMo. Even under the prime ministership of Modi, no other minister or leader has any brand value, except BJP chief Amit Shah. Nobody, except NaMo, knows who will be the next President of India. After Indira Gandhi, NaMo has become a dominant factor in Indian politics. While interacting with the students on Teacher’s Day, PM Modi, replying to a query of a student, who wanted to be the PM, said: “I am Prime Minister till 2023, after that anyone can try.” On the eve of the completion of three years of the Modi government, the Opposition leaders are shouting loudly on 24-hour news channels that all the schemes announced by Modi are nothing but publicity stunt. The so-called crusader of corruption, Arvind Kejriwal is in a sleeping mode now after facing a humiliating defeat in Delhi municipal elections. Otherwise, he would have been creating a political havoc against Modi. However, of late, he is also convinced that any one speaking against Modi will lose the faith of the common man. That means in the ideological family of the BJP and among the political leaders of other parties, Narendra Modi is the “He Man”, who dominates all of them. Let’s accept the fact that the RSS is the philosopher and guide of Modi. That once a full-time Pracharak of RSS who can become a strong administrator and can be well accepted by all communities of this country is a proven fact now. The Sangh has been working for more than seven decades for bringing about social harmony in the country and has always worked hard to reach the different sections like SCs, STs, Dalits and minorities for their betterment. One can say that to some extent the BJP has been successful on that front, and again thanks to NaMo and Amit Shah.  The BJP is no more untouchable for the leaders from other parties or ideologies. There are several elected members in Parliament and state assemblies now from the BJP, who once were strong criticiser of the ideology of BJP. So now, the debate on the leadership of India is over to Narendra Modi. As of now, no one can reach near to his personality in the Indian politics, leave aside the agenda of pseudo-secular journalists, who are paid for running the agenda against Modi and the Sangh Pariwar. However, the true journalists need to analyse and criticise the shortfalls of Modi with an impartial mindset. Otherwise, the Modi tenure would end up like “India Shining”. Hence, the Union Government and senior BJP leaders should honestly do justice for the development of our nation, for which the common man has reposed his faith in NaMo.

If one honestly observes the economic reforms and social programmes initiatives taken by this government in the last three years, it is clear that policies extend to different sectors of the economy and their implementation has been given top priority. The rapid growth of economy at macro level like fiscal deficit, inflation and current account deficit all are at stable and prudent level. India’s economy is becoming strong day-by-day in comparison to the world economy. Introduction of Goods and Service Tax will address many issues and, in fact, this may be a totally game changer for India. India has become a favoured destination for the global investors and the credit goes to the Modi government for taking serious initiatives in this direction. Infrastructure development in government sectors like modernisation of highways and ports is witnessing rapid growth. Low-cost housing is another key area, where the majority of people can have their own homes. One sector that needs serious attention of this government is creation of more jobs, as the BJP had promised in its manifesto. The government has badly failed to cater to the need of the requisite employment generation. Swachh Bharat for a clean India, Make in India for manufacturing sector and Start-Up India definitely need serious attention of the government to make it more successful. Two years are left for this government and this should be the roadmap for it with focussed attention. Otherwise, Indian citizens have always given surprises in different elections.


Deepak Kumar Rath


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