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Modi takes on the Prince

Updated: December 29, 2016 4:16 pm

PM Narendra Modi taunted Rahul Gandhi in his Varanasi address, saying ‘earthquake’ had been averted. The prime minister’s remarks came just a day after Gandhi alleged Modi got kickbacks from Sahara during an address at the Banaras Hindu University in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi. “They have a young leader. He is learning to speak. From the time he has learnt to speak, there is no end to my joy,” said PM Modi in a reference to Gandhi.

“Naa bolte toh bada bhukamp aajata, aur desh ko kitna bada bhukamp jhelna padta ki desh 10 saal tak ubhar na pata..lekin achha hua bolna shuru kar diya, toh pata chal raha hai bhukamp ki sambhaavna bachhi hi nahin (If he had not spoken, this country would have had to bear a huge earthquake, but it is good he has started to speak because now we know there is no chance of an earthquake),” the prime minister added in a sort of response to Gandhi’s ‘earthquake’ warning if he spoke on demonetisation. The comments came after PM Modi inaugurated a cancer research institute in the city.

Gandhi had also alleged at a public rally in Gujarat that in the records with Income Tax department, there were notings of Sahara officials’ claims that they paid PM Modi nine times between October 2013 and February 2014, and that the total amount was Rs 40 crore.

“You (Modi) did not allow me to speak in Parliament… you did not want to face me in the House. I will tell you the reason. Any business entity keeps records of its transactions. On November 2014, the Income Tax department conducted raids on Sahara and found some documents. I want to share with you the contents of the documents. There were several entries in those documents, which I am reading out before you,” he said. The BJP soon hit back at Gandhi calling the allegations baseless and untrue.

Gandhi had earlier said that he had information to prove PM Modi’s personal involvement in corruption and that his remarks would cause an ‘earthquake’ in Parliament.

But Modi showed that he was least concerned with threats from Rahul. Sources said that the Gandhis are very nervous of the Augusta case. What if Manmohan Singh’s loyalty snaps and during interrogation kicks the ball into 10 Janpath? Modi also mentioned Manmohan Singh who had taunted him.

In a rare attack on Manmohan Singh, said he had been handling economy since 70s, now he says 50 per cent are poor. “’Is this his report card or mine?’ asked PM Modi on Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh criticized cash ban as ‘organized loot, legalized plunder’. He said this during his broadside against top Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi. “Look at Manmohan Singhji. Do you know he has been in the core team of those in charge of the country’s economy since the 70s, even he says that in the country where 50 per cent people are poor, how can all this digitization happen? Now is this his report card or mine? Whose legacy am I dealing with?” the Prime Minister said.

In parliament last month, Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist, had criticised the government’s handling of the notes ban decision as “organised loot, legalised plunder”. He followed it up with a sharp critique of PM Modi’s decision to ban high value currency notes in an editorial published in The Hindu newspaper, calling it a “travesty of his fundamental duty” and accusing him of shattering the faith of more than a billion Indians. In the editorial – “Making of a Mammoth Tragedy” – Dr Singh predicted a ripple effect on GDP and job creation, and “grievous injury” to the honest Indian. Modi was waiting to avenge!

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