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Modi Emerges As The Dominant Politician

Updated: November 8, 2014 1:34 pm

Tpolitical landscape has changed with the amazing Modi wave, sweeping away the Congress and NCP from power in Maharashtra. They were entrenched for 15 long years, but were uprooted by the Modi blitz. The Bharatiya Janata Party is all set to rule India’s financial capital. So far, its presence was as an adjunct of Shiv Sena, but now Shiv Sena would play the second fiddle. It is after 1996, that a single party crossed 100 mark, another Modi magic.

The win in both Maharashtra and Haryana has set at rest, the assertions of intellectuals, lefties, liberals and the political opponents, that the Modi wave had not just waned, but blown over. The 27 trips of Modi to Maharashtra and 11 to Haryana have changed the political contour while proving that the Modi wave was very much there. In fact, as Amit Shah put it, the wave had become a tsunami.

Amit Shah asserted that the win is due to the “Prime Minister’s unprecedented popularity. Modi may even top the list of most popular leaders’ post-Independence….Modi government and its policies in the last four months have enhanced people’s trust in the leader.”

Shah was categorical in saying that “it couldn’t have hurt the BJP interests just to keep alliance with Sena intact.” Alliance in forming the government will depend on the terms, Uddhav Thackeray agrees to. But one thing is sure that Modi, if needed, will form a minority government and will dare Shiv Sena to bring it down. As the saying goes luck favours the brave.

His magic of words also trounced the Chautala ménage and Congress’s B.S.Hooda who was in power for 10 years. This is for the first time that the BJP would form the government in this Jat-dominated state of Haryana. Here too Modi’s charge of Haryana from 1966 to 2001 helped. The other factor that helped was that despite the taunts of the Congress, Modi did not name the chief minister. This way, all the eight contenders did their best to help the party win.

  • The Modi wave has not waned but has become a twister, demolishing any political party on its path.
  • The Modi magic raises number of legislators from 47 to 122 in Maharashtra, from 4 to 47 in Haryana Assembly. BJP dominates.
  • The elders have further lost their relevance, following the saffron successes in the Maratha and Jat lands.
  • The Modi and Amit Shah combine, has become a menace to all political parties.
  • The move for all parties to join together to fight the BJP jointly but not much hope is there for such unity. And like in the past one or two opposition leaders turned Indira Gandhi’s saboteur threw the spanner whenever the union seemed to be fructifying.
  • Amit Shah will now move to Bihar and West Bengal for cultivating the electorate to help Lotus bloom. In between he will foray into Kashmir.

Modi shamed all the irreconcilable critics, who first said that how a Prime Minister could waste time in campaigning and that most did not campaign in Assembly elections. This is untrue. Mrs Indira Gandhi campaigned vigorously. Rahul Gandhi roared that while Pakistan was firing across the LoC, Modi was campaigning. Did they want Modi to pick up a rifle, don the army fatigue and join our soldiers at the LoC. Before going for campaigning Modi had told the Army Commanders, to do whatever was necessary. They would be the ones to take decisions on all operational matters.

The question is what now? Lotus is now blooming in two more states. Amit Shah described it as two steps forward for Congress-Mukt Bharat, he would now move to Bihar and West Bengal to try winning Bihar and becoming the main opposition in Mamta’s land. Modi has now brought Indian politics to a point, where it can easily be purged of all politicised criminals and practices, system re-orientation, tuning up of administration and plugging of loopholes that help scamsters and make possible corrupt underhand dealings.

The immediate priority is for economic reforms. Without that no change or development is possible. The measures taken so far have brought down inflation and food prices. But for real and fast development, the investors have to be persuaded that India now means business. Make in India has to be made attractive proposition. After the win in Maharashtra, Modi controls over half the economy in the country—as measured by Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). The BJP along with its allies, Telugu Desam and Shiromani Akali Dal control 11 states and union territories.   The immediate impact of victory in Maharashtra will be smoother and easier coordination between the centre and the states on economic issues and reforms.

But, efforts are needed to persuade some states, to agree to tax reforms and give consent for the Goods and Services Tax. In any case, reforms will be speed up, including the pending Land Acquisition Bill which envisages important amendments. Coal Ordinance will now be expected shortly, which will deal with the fallout of Supreme Court judgement. Maharashtra and Haryana victories are entirely due to the tireless campaigning by Modi and his wizardry with words. For instance at Beed rally, he said, “you must have heard that Amitabhji is playing Kaun Banega Crorepati. But ministers here have been playing kaun banega arabpati. The crowd roared in approval.


— Prakash Javadekar, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting (Independent Charge), Environment, Forest and Climate Change (Independent Charge) and Parliamentary Affairs




What’s your take on the recent elections?

There is a paradigm shift in the Maharashtra’s politics and this shift is good for the nation. People of Maharashtra voted for ‘rashtra with Maharashtra’. People believed in the leadership of Narendra Modi. Earlier, people used to vote for caste and money but this time even the poor has voted for development, for authentic leadership and for good governance. And that’s why the Bharatiya Janata Party, for the first time in the history of Maharashtra politics, has not only crossed 100 mark but also became the single largest party. And if we would have taken the decision to go alone earlier, then we would have got the thumping majority. But whatever happened is the aashriwad of the people and we will form the government. Shiv Sena is our ally from a long time and it is time that they have to decide whether they will accept this present change or not. But we will also pay respect to everyone. We have the numbers to form a government but we will take support of everyone for the betterment of Maharashtra.

It is been noticed that as the BJP is gaining power in the states it is going away from the politics of alliance?

No, absolutely not. We want to take everyone with us. Narendra Modi said that we have the numbers to form the government but to run the country we need the support and cooperation of everyone.

But there is a difference between cooperation and alliance.

Yes it is different. Cooperation is cooperation and alliance is an alliance. To run the country and Maharashtra we will take cooperation from everyone with respect but the government will be run on our terms only.

Do you think that coalition era is coming to its end in India?

No, this is not the case. It is too early to say anything. Every state has its own essence. But it is a good sign that the BJP is coming out strongly and the breakdown of the Congress has started.

(As told to Rohan Pal)

No wonder, the party won 74 more seats in Maharashtra and its vote share went up from 14 per cent to 27.7 per cent and in Haryana, the vote percentage shot up from nine per cent

to 33.9 per cent. Amit Shah said, “Modi had all the credentials as the country’s undisputed leader….people by voting BJP to power have acknowledged the government’s work at the centre.”

After Maharashtra and Haryana, Modi has become the most popular and powerful politician. A towering figure, Modi has transformed the saffron party into a dominant political force. It’s been said for some time that hurdles put up by his detractors within his party and outside, by plethora of critics and the anti-media cannot stop Narendra Modi for he is now flying high much above the obstacles. Professor MD Nalapat said that the voters of Haryana have voted for good governance and under the efficient leadership of PM Narendra Modi, have called for a developed and corruption-free state. Considering how important Maharashtra is for the BJP’s political fate, adverse factors like the break-up with the Shiv Sena didn’t deter voters to support the BJP and shun conventional regionalism. Nalapat added that in his view, Modi is a nationalist and a true patriot and the debate over regional and national issues should be shunned and work towards a collaborative development for India should be given priority.

Modi has now the whole vista to work his magic.

BY Vijay Dutt

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