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Modi Cloud Over Foes Turned Friends

Updated: August 13, 2015 10:50 am

Narendra Modi attracting over a lakh of people for Muzaffarpur Rally has caused severe disquiet in the Nitish Kumar camp. A political analyst revealed that the Chief Minister is now going to various places laying foundation stones for some project or the other. “Modi is hovering like dark clouds which surely rain.”

The BJP looking buoyant because the dreaded political union of Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar has not shut out their hatred for each other for long years. Most of the time, they campaign separately. There are as yet no posters with the faces of both. Sources say that old habits die hard and quite often in their campaign speeches they criticize each other’s rule. Nitish fears that during distribution of tickets Lalu might create problems over the number of seats. He fears that while he has conceded chief minister-ship to him, Lalu might argue for more seats. He could for fear that Nitish as CM and more MLAs could render him politically totally irrelevant.

And Nitish is worried that with more MLAs, Lalu could try to oust him through no-confidence motion. To make matters worse in villages the Nitish-Lalu pact had no impact. Both Kurmis and Yadavs are rich and traditionally they dislike each other. They are vote for each other’s candidates.

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