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Modi-Charishma May bring surprise in Gujarat

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: November 25, 2022 8:58 am

By Deepak Kumar Rath

Elections to the Gujarat assembling is going on now with smart political campaignings by the BJP, The Congress and the AAP. The BJP citadel Gujarat is of course facing the anti-establishment factor but the principal opposition party the Congress is no more a mighty political force as it has already lost the strong organisational base that was formed by late Congress veteran Ahmed Patel, a Gandhi family loyalist. No doubt the Congress had last time got 41.5 vote percentage, the BJP had got 49.1 per cent vote share with the BJP had won 99 seats while the Congress had won 79 seats. No doubt in 2017, the Congress with its silent strategy had given a tough time to the BJP.  The Congress is not a spent force in Gujarat, but this time the party has no craze amongst the voters, especially amongst the OBCs, SC and STs.

And the Congress faced a huge humiliation with its leader Hardik Patel joining the BJP. Literally the Congress party is pinning hopes upon the retired faceless leaders like its national president MalikarjunKharge, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Chhatishgarh CM Bhupesh Patel. One was expecting that Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi could have start his Congress Jodo Yatra from Gujarat, but his advisors and research team may have given him a hint that the party is no more geared up now and in Gujarat the Congress is seriously facing a leadership issue and it was badly needing a master strategist as was late Ahmed Patel. In state elections, one needs a strong face to lead the state, if it’s national leaders can not attract the voters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development model for dalits, SC and ST community is now properly taken care of by current CM of Gujarat Bhupinder Patel. One can say that PM Modi has strategically demolished the Congress bastion in Gujarat by implementing a development agenda for all. In fact Gujarat state is now a model state for a developed India, with its world class infrastructure, growing economy and best law and order in the state.

Gujarat is already well known for its achievement in oil and refinery sector, best ports, a transport hub with introduction of bullet trains, ayurvedic hub, textile hub and diamond hub. There are ample opportunity for creation of jobs both at the public and private sectors. Now, one can argue that no party wins an election on a development plank, as Atal Behari Vajpayee lost in 2009, after providing good governance during his primeministership. Here comes a point for the Congress to get votes against the anti-establishment factor of the BJP. But political analysts in Gujarat are suggesting that the grand old Congress party is not a position even to contest the elections. But all are presuming that despite all odds the Congress may get its traditional votes. Some journalists who are covering the Gujarat elections are floating different narratives that this time Gujarat state will face a triangular contest. The AAP has successfully managed to create a temporary organisational structure in the absence of the Congress to garner the votes in its favour. Those who are traditional opponents of the BJP are somehow getting a taste of AAP just to oppose Narendra Modi. But like in Punjab, the AAP cannot make its presence in Gujarat. But the AAP has certainly trying hard to make its party a national one. In a healthy democracy it is always good to have a strong opposition party. Inside the BJP there are some small issues on ticket distribution. Some BJP members who could not get tickets again, were trying to create problems at the local level. But it has no impact upon the voters. Every election Narendra Modi has his own strategy to fight the election. And this time too, Modi has rightly replaced few sitting MLAs who were unpopular. After all, the Charisma of Modi is still intact amongst the Gujarati voters. We have seen that even in Himachal people were crazy for Modi-factor. Prime Minister Modi has proved himself to be a successful leader not only in India but at the international platforms. Modi is working 18- hours a day for good governance and he has no personal agenda in any form. A leader like Modi is not created in a day or months, but he has built his personality brick by brick with all sorts of bottlenecks. His able leadership quality and strong organisational base of his party has made him a successful PM. And one hopes that his charismatic leadership will help the BJP to get not less than 120 seats in Gujarat.

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