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Mobile Battery Philtre Of Life

Updated: August 24, 2015 5:10 am

Admit it, mobile phone is our best buddy. But what happens when you want to carry out a quick Google search for something, find directions, order a cab, shop for clothes, and your phone’s battery is completely down? Hence, it cannot be gainsaid that there is one common problem across smartphones—the battery

Most of the commonly used smartphones today don’t last more than a couple of days before asking for electric charge. And some have to be charged every day. In case you are a heavy user, you have to charge your phone at least twice a day. So, while researching for this article, I tried to find as many initiatives as I could to solve this problem. While it’s only a matter of convenience to have a long lasting mobile battery, here’s what some of the initiatives have done.

Power banks have already become prevalent. But, mind it, the power banks will also have to be charged and they run out of juice just like your phone. So, let’s see how a few more interesting concepts are gradually emerging.

Wearable chargers

Wearable chargers such as solar backpacks can be used to charge your phone, laptops and other devices, i.e. if you are a walker type. In addition, you can use these to charge your phone, laptop and other devices.

Another concept that emerged recently is using kinetic energy to charge your phone. All you need to do is carry or wear a small battery pack throughout the day. Take around 10,000 steps and you’ll fill up the battery inside this device, which can then be used as a power bank to recharge a phone. How about a phone charger that runs on gas? Kraftwerk uses cigarette lighter fuel and converts this into electric energy, ready to charge your phone. And, the company claims that it can charge your iPhone eleven times over.


Software optimisation for extra juice

No points for guessing that turning off Wi-Fi and 3G can extend the battery for some time. However, software-related updates are well known to be targeting this problem by managing the operations on your phone in such a way that it consumes the minimum battery required. Undoubtedly, this is a key focus area for all major OS updates.

E-INK technology

If eBook readers can last on a single charge for a few weeks, why not try this technology on phones? A Russian start-up has done just that, and in a rather unique manner.

Yotaphone tries to solve the battery problem by offering a dual screen phone. Well, the primary screen on this phone works like any other phone and consumes the same amount of battery. However, the second screen does the trick!

This screen that covers one side of the phone uses E-INK technology that requires very little battery power and can run for days together without requiring tethering. All you need to do is flip your phone and carry on and on and on. There are initiatives being carried out in different areas and in some very unique ways. However, a truly long lasting smartphone battery is still elusive.

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