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Mission Life- India’s visionary stride towards world peace along with environmental protection

By Viral Desai
Updated: November 7, 2022 9:42 am

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi rehabilitates the country’s temples or visits holy shrines from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, an entire congregation comes to troll the Prime Minister asking ‘Is this how you will make India a world guru?’, by this criticism their own dirty mentality is revealed in the end. But the question I have to ask people today is that when Narendra Modi emerges as a towering leader at the Glasgow summit or launches ‘Mission Life’ from the Statue of Unity, where do you go? Don’t you see then? Can you ignore the president of Madagascar prediction that India’s Mission Life will be a turning point for climate change? Are there any such global news coming to your attention? In which the President of France is saying that India will lead the whole world in the direction of climate change?

Due to the hatred towards Modi, many such trollers do not see the many historic steps taken by the Narendra Modi government to make the carbon emission zero, about Mission Life or beyond. But the whole world has to accept that today if not tomorrow, when the whole world was complaining or shedding tears for climate change, India launched the ‘Mission Life’ initiative and through it, a mass movement was made in the whole country. Reputable institutions all over the world also have to admit that climate change is not an issue pertaining to Intellectuals only, but a common man’s concern and problem,  and till 2022 the intellectuals have further confused people by academic debates. On the other hand India has worked towards solving this problem by bringing it to the masses.

One of the most important qualities of Mission Life movement is that people do not have to deal with a lot of confusing jargons of environment protection. Rather, they will be presented with options that enable them to lead an environment-friendly lifestyle. The easiest way to fight climate change is to educate people and present them with alternatives. But the trouble so far is that climate change has become a weekly celebration event of the year globally. But Narendra Modi while presenting Mission Life to the public said a very important thing that ‘climate change can be targeted only through the individual efforts of every person living on the earth’ and that is why Mission Life has been introduced by the Modi government as a part of the public movement and to give people The slogan of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has been given by taking a prominent initiative.

Personally, in this new resolution of the Modi government, I see a very prominent Gandhian inspired idea, where the word reduce is emphasized first. We have so far wasted many resources for no reason. And that waste has also created carbon emissions, pollution and destroyed natural resources. That’s why Gandhi’s thought has been given a place here and a clear message has been given that first of all we should adopt a lifestyle of minimalism and keep the things limited to our needs only. Then comes a simple Gandhi inspired idea, that as long as something can be used, reuse it in different forms and stages and then recycle it instead of throwing it away as waste in nature!

However, very important targets have also been set in ‘Mission Life’ to make people’s environment friendly life style. The most important target among them is to target more than one billion Indians and majority people of the world for individual and collective environmental contribution starting from 2022 to 2028 and influence them to protect the environment. For this target, the United Nations Environment has specially congratulated India that if one billion people out of the world’s eight billion population make their lifestyle environment-friendly, the world’s carbon emissions will be drastically reduced by a major 20%!

Apart from this, I also consider Mission Life to be very important from the point of view of business development and investment. Because along with individual and collective contributions, Mission Life also emphasizes innovations and co-creation by partnering globally, all of which innovations and creations will greatly benefit the world’s next generation and the world’s environment. At the same time, the production policies of the industries will also be radically changed. This will naturally lead in creating opportunities for rise of new industries and many people will be able to take advantage of it and take financial benefits.

However, here we cannot discuss only what will be done in the future under mission life. If we do that, it seems that we are trying to boast and show the moon on the palm. But here I must also talk about some important steps taken during the last seven years. In the past seven years, India has built more than 100 million toilets in rural India under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Due to the UjjwalaYojana initiative we have increased the number of households using LPG for cooking to 99%. In the last seven years, we have increased the renewable energy generation from solar or wind by more than thirty percent, directly benefiting industries and domestic use.

It means that even though we launched Mission Life this year, we have been following Mission Life’s resolutions for the past seven years. As we are moving towards global integration through Mission Life, I don’t think the days are far when the whole world will say that India has not only taken a step towards environmental protection through Mission Life, but also given a very unique and valuable contribution to World peace and brotherhood.


By Viral Desai
( The author is a known Environmentalist and the pioneer of Satyagraha Against Pollution movement.

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