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Missing State

Updated: December 18, 2010 12:15 pm

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has completed five years as CM. For celebrating this event, he organised a programme at the state capital, Bhopal. It was completely a Shivraj’s show and he succeeded in delivering the message that he has performed very well, and instead of following the Gujrat model, he developed his own model for development. Even the biggest admirer of Modi, LK Advani showered a lot of praise on Shivraj. Every one praised all BJP-ruled states, but no one bothered to mention the name of Karnataka. Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa’s performance has also attracted the senior BJP leaders but they avoided to mention it due to the corruption charges levelled against Yeddy.

Dada’s Dream

The next reshuffle in UPA government is scheduled in January. All the present ministers are eagerly waiting for getting some more important portfolio and leaders from the organisation are also expecting to share the pie of the power. Present Finance Minister Pranab Mukhargee is eyeing for Home Minister. Although, he is still enjoying an important portfolio of finance, he is expecting more importance for his other performances like finalising the nuke deal. He is believed to be in good faith of the US too. But he is not aware of the fact that it not going to be in his favour. One fellow close to 10 Jan Path commented that Madam can’t trust anyone who is close to the US. She never liked US. In fact, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is also losing her faith due to his closeness to the US, he said. So, it seems that dream of Dada to be Home Minister is very difficult to be fulfilled.

Munde’s New Avatar!

Gopinath Munde seems to be in a great hurry to build his image as a national leader. After the appointment of his political rival Nitin Gadkari as national president of BJP, he is working hard to flash himself on the national scenario. He is a general secretary in the national working committee, it seems he is still not satisfied and is working hard to project himself. He was seen as a chief guest at a National Social Justice Conference organised by All India Muslim OBC Organisation. While delivering his lecture he claimed that it was because of his initiative that the government is today forced to conduct a caste-based census. He also claimed that he is an OBC leader and he always fights for OBCs’ rights in Parliament. Getting the praise from the audience, most of them being Muslims, an overwhelmed Munde said that there are OBC classes in Muslim community too and they also deserve the reservation. Both the ideas contradict the BJP’s stand. One senior BJP leader commented that since Munde himself doesn’t belong to OBC, how can he become an OBC leader?

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