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Missing Bahuguna!

Updated: May 11, 2013 12:28 pm

He has been termed as the “most invisible person” of the state. Uttarakhand CM, Vijay Bahuguna, has been spending most of his time outside the State. Ever since he took office, he has spent more then one third of the period in other States. He has been found in Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad and Lucknow but hardly at the state capital. His jaunts have thrown the entire state machinery into a virtual chaos, as he packs his bags at the drop of a hat.

Some of the Congress members have complained to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who has taken a serious view of the whole matter. In fact the rumors are doing the round that Rahul has asked the Governor for a detailed report and is determined to take action on it. The party is now having second thoughts and are repenting their choice. The State’s BJP leaders are meanwhile raising the issue of the missing CM at every forum.

 Miffed Shivraj

Miffed for not being included on the BJP Parliamentary Board, the MP Chief Minister has been firing barbs at his counterpart Narendra Modi. Chouhan has been subtly criticising the Modi brand of governance vis-à-vis his own State’s. He has been trying to present himself as a model of inclusive development as opposed to Modi’s pro-corporate approach.

He had earlier said that Madhya Pradesh’s achievement on the development front is far more creditable as it was an impoverished state when he took over as the Chief Minister and contrasted it with the case of “states which were already developed to begin with”.

A little bird tweeted that senior BJP leaders Advani and Sushma Swaraj are opposed to Modi’s prime ministerial candidature, and are showering praises on Chouhan, promoting him as a counterweight to the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Oram On Cloud Nine

Ever since he was included in Rajnath Singh’s team, Jual Oram is on cloud nine. He had been sidelined by all his followers, and even his loyal supporters had deserted him. However the dearth of senior tribal leaders in the party resulted in him being made a Vice President.

Oram in now basking in his new found glory. Jual had been blamed for taking the party to abysmal depths, his term saw much indiscipline. However, party men have started flocking to him once again.

The acid test for him will be the revoking of the expulsion of his bete noir Bhimsen Choudhury. Jual is going to take it lightly and is going all out to scuttle any moves for the reinduction of Choudhury. Not that he has much following left in his own constituency.


Sanjay Dutt had the entire Bollywood crowd speaking out against his conviction. Everybody who was somebody in the film industry had his say. However, one wellknown maverick has expressed that there should be no mercy shown to Dutt. Nana Patekar, the 62-year-old National Award winning actor, did not mince his words and said that Sanjay should serve out his sentence.

Nana also questioned the leniency shown to Dutt just because he is an actor. He said that he has nothing against Sanjay, but actors are common citizens and should not be privileged. Well said Nana!

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