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Miseries Of Monsoon

Updated: August 3, 2013 4:29 pm

Various air, water and mosquito-borne diseases rise rapidly during the monsoon. We are giving some on how to prevent yourself
from some common ailments. There are many reasons for the increase in these diseases which are the variations in humidity and temperatures that cause most of bacterial and viral infections.

The most common water-borne diseases are typhoid and jaundice. Pale coloured stool and dark urine are the symptoms of typhoid. Typhoid is caused by contaminated food and water. The disease remains in gall bladder even after the patient has been cured.

  •    If one notices the above symptoms one should consult the doctor
  •    The patient should have lots of fluids to avoid dehydration and have very simple home-made food without spices. Utmost care should be taken, as typhoid has the tendency to relapse within two weeks time. The patient should be kept in isolation.
  •    If the skin turns white and the eyes yellow, it could be a sign of jaundice.
  •    One should have one cup of radish leaf juice mixed with a spoonful of sugar candy powder, twice a day, to cure jaundice.
  •    Sugarcane juice prepared hygienically is also a good remedy for jaundice.
  •    One should eat simple home-made food without any spices. There should be a strict no to roadside food andone should drink boiled water so that harmful viruses are killed.
  •    Malaria and dengue are caused by mosquitoes. The basic symptoms of the diseases are high fever, body ache, nausea, vomiting and headache.
  •    Fever at regular intervals, bouts of shivering, muscle pain and weakness are some symptoms of malaria.
  •    Crush 10 tulsi (holy basil) leaves and add one spoon of honey. Take this continuously for six days. You can get rid of malaria and this can be taken as preventive measure too.
  •    Take seven leaves of holy basil and seven pepper pods and chew them to gain fast recovery from malaria. Take this three times a day. This is also a good preventive measure.

r   Typical symptoms of dengue are pain behind the eyes, rashes, itching in the body and muscular weakness.

  •   Take fresh papaya leaves, devein them and grind the green pulpy part into paste. This paste is very bitter, so we should mix four to five tea spoons of the paste with some fruit juice and drink twice a day. This will give you best results. Several dengue patients have had a remarkable platelet
    recovery after taking papaya leaf juice. You can take this after consulting your doctor.
  •    Drinking tulsi (holy basil) tea acts as a good preventive measure against dengue.

Abdominal cramps, nausea, fever, diarrhea, are some symptoms of stomach infection. Ingestion of bacteria through contaminated food is the main cause of stomach infection.

► Avoid food and water that may be contaminated. Thorough and frequent hand washing is the best protection against stomach infection.

► Add probiotic curd or buttermilk to your diet.

►  Sip lemon juice mixed with honey slowly in small quantities. This will give some relief from vomiting.

►  You get wet in the rain and immediately start sneezing which is followed by sore throat and fever. These are the symptoms of common cold.

►  The best remedy is to have a glass of milk with turmeric.

►            Gargle with warm salt water.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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