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Miraculous Aloe Vera

Updated: August 14, 2010 11:42 am

Aloe vera is a miracle plant and the oldest known plant having medicinal properties. There are more than 200 varieties of aloe vera plants but only 4 or 5 varieties are used in medicines.

It is used in Ayurvedic medicines. It grows as shrub and does not require much water. People keep it as a decorative plant in their garden.

It requires minimum water to grow and cannot survive extreme cold conditions. Such as snow or frost etc, aloe vera juice is used to get relief from heartburn and irritable bowel.

Aloe vera works wonders with diabetic patients. Aloe vera juice taken along with dalchini powder and methi powder lowers blood glucose and triglycerides level there by making the body tissues responsive towards insulin. The same combination can be taken for the control of BP as well.

Weight can be maintained by reducing the body fat by consuming half teaspoon of aloe vera juice along with honey, mixed with dalchini and methi powder.

Burns, cuts, wounds, eczema and for falling hair:- The juice of the leaves can be applied externally. As it have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties gel that have high percentage of aloe vera can be used in the treatment of herpes.

To relieve pain in muscles, to de-worm, for liver complaints and asthma, aloe vera is a good treatment.

Aloe vera is used in beauty products such as gel, cream, moisturiser, sunscreen, shampoo and lotions.

Fleshy inside part of the aloe leaves can be used for the treatment of cuts and wounds.

Aloe juice and gel can be used in bath soaps and shampoos to soften the skin and the hair.


Aloe vera treatment for corns

Peel the inside portion of aloe leave make fine paste of it add little haldi to it and tie a bandage on the corn before going to bed. The corn will disappear, if treated like this for 20 days.


For the treatment of cracks in the feet

Haldi 10gms, coconut oil 100gms, aloe vera juice 100gms, 20gms guggal and 50gms wax of honey comb (melt it on a very low flame as it may catch fire). Add all the ingredients and keep stirring on low flame till the water got evaporated. Now this becomes a fine paste. Clean the cracks dry with towel and then apply this paste on the cracks before going to bed. You can see the effect yourself.


Aloe vera face pack to get rid of pimples and to get a glow on the face

Aloe vera paste 2 tablespoons, haldi ½ spoon, amla powder ½ spoon, ½ spoon methi (seeds) powder, leaves of jayphal ½ spoon. Make a fine paste of all these and apply on your face in the morning and leave it for an hour and then wash with cold water. You can find the glow in your face.


To reduce fat on stomach and waist

Aloe vera juice 2 spoons, jeera powder (roasted and ground) ¼ spoon, haldi ¼ spoon, black pepper powder ¼ spoon. Mix all the powders in aloe vera juice and take it ½ an hour before meals. This will help in reducing body fats.

To reduce fat in body

Make fine paste of aloe vera and cook it on a low flame till all the water gets evaporated. Now add little haldi and harad powder to it and apply on body where fat has accumulated and wash it after ½ an hour. This will also help in reducing the body fat.


Treatment for irritable bowel

Aloe vera extract or juice is used by patients of irritable bowel and gastritis with satisfying results if taken one tablespoon daily.


Treatment for thyroid

Add little haldi to the extract of aloe vera slightly heat it (little warm) and apply to the swelling on the neck and tie a bandage. This will reduce the swelling.


To get rid of malaria

100g of aloe extract and 100g of tender pomagranade leaves. Make fine paste and make small tablets of the size of Bengal gram and dry in the sun. Two tablets a day will cure malaria within a week.


Aloe vera juice is made from the pure inner gel of the leaf. So the above given are few of the many benefits obtained from aloe vera. It contains all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals required for the body. For any ailment aloe vera is the answer.


By N Sugna

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