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Ministry Rejig : Creating Leadership Modi Style

By Sudesh Verma
Updated: July 18, 2021 3:57 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ministry expansion and reshuffle was one of the most comprehensive exercise ever undertaken by any Prime Minister. While it sought to achieve a cohesive social balance by giving representation to various social groupings, communities and regional locations- induction of many new people indicated the determination to create future leadership for the party.

Hitherto unknown people completely cut off from Lutyen’s Delhi became ministers and were given the task of completing the unfinished agenda of development and faster development. Corona had dampened the spirit of the nation and a sort of ennui had set in. The fresh energy is expected to make the Government work faster and live up to the expectations of people who voted massively for the BJP in 2019.

Not that those who dropped were incompetent. They were some of the most competent persons. The party may have decided a different role for them to gain from their experience. Some functionaries from the party moving to the Government and vice versa has been the technique adopted by parties to get better synergy of the human energies and experience.

One message is loud and clear that none should take their positions for granted. If one has got the opportunity to work one should try to work hard to achieve specific goals. Here is a Prime Minister that does not work under any constraints and he likes performers. He has evolved ways to identify people. So those who work hard despite not known in media circles should not worry. An average cadre is happy that hard work will get recognised.

Representatives from Other Backward Castes (OBCs), the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, Forward Castes, Women and Youths- all have their way to Government. Youngsters such as Anurag Thakur and Kishen Reddy have been made Cabinet ministers to give leadership to the party.

There are 27 ministers from the OBCs, 12 from the SCs, 8 from the STs and five from the minorities (including two Buddhists). There are 29 from other communities. With 11 women ministers, this Government has perhaps the biggest ever representation of women in the Government. The Modi Government has also the largest representation of professionals including former bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers and Technocrats.

How you share power with allies defines your character. All allies such as the Janata Dal United, the Lok Janshakti Party and the Apna Dal have been accommodated and given opportunities to work as partners in the task of achieving sabka sath sabka viaswas.

The landmark decision to set up a ministry of cooperation was taken a day before ministry reshuffle. The importance was highlighted when this was kept under the charge of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Shah knows the miracle that a strong cooperative movement can bring about in the country. Two Indian States that have witnessed rapid growth are Gujarat and Maharashtra and both the States have strong cooperative movement.

India is experimenting with strengthening the sinews of villages through micro finance of Self Help Groups and Farm Producers’ Organisations. The theme of India to be developed by locals resources would get a big push now. Whether it is finance, agriculture, milk production or ay other field cooperative is going to play a big role. Mr Shah is a workaholic like the Prime Minister and he is likely to keep all ministries on the tenterhooks so far as promotion of cooperative in the respective ministries is concerned.

Prime Minister Modi is aware that the country has lost crucial 18 months and so due to Covid 19 pandemic. People have lost jobs and many families have lost lives. Only development at a much faster development can salvage the situation. Every ministry would identify specific goals and work to their implementations. The ministers need to plug loopholes and reboot. They must work without fear or favour.

This Government has only about two and a half year to bring out demonstrable performance since the first six months of 2024 would be ushering in the General Elections. One must know that in politics, one cannot take one’s position for granted. The opportunities one has got should be used to work really hard to ameliorate the suffering of people. They should not expect the Prime Minister to micro manage since the task is huge. The vision and the agenda are clear. What is required is strong determination.


By Sudesh Verma


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