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Merchants of Poverty

By Prakash Nanda
Updated: May 27, 2020 10:36 am

The problem in India is that if you want to do something new or good towards development of the country( it is true in every sector and at every level (mohallas, villages, states and the national), there will be tremendous resistance from vested interests, particularly those who are well off and dominating the present system ( and these  include people  in every political party and organisation).

Take the case of labour reforms that some chief ministers  have contemplated to attract investment that will create more jobs, reduce poverty and create resources for distributing or helping those who are still poor ( after all, you have to create wealth to distribute). And see the resistance from labour unions that  represent only,  repeat ONLY, 8 (eight) percent of the organised labour forces ( including public sectors).

Just to ensure their perks and other advantages, these unions, their leaders, their political masters and party activists under the grab of intelligentsia , simply do not want good of  92 per cent of labourers in unorganised sectors ( Including agriculture where nearly 50 percent of them are landless and underemployed and another 30 percent who have tiny lands where a career in agriculture is unviable) and do not want them to join new factories or setups that will train them, make them employable, raise their steady incomes, and educate their children.

And yet, these microspic minorities, all dominating  the Congress- created echo system over 70 years, talk of democracy and poor people. They are nothing  but merchants of poverty. But they are too  powerful for  the present  government to be touched.

Sorry, Prime Minister  Modi. You cannot bring investors away from China to India; they will go to Vietnam and Indonesia. People in your own house will not allow you to do what you promise publicly.

Of course,  I will be the happiest, if you prove me wrong.


By Prakash Nanda
([email protected])

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