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Men no longer Pramukh

Updated: February 26, 2016 2:00 pm

Heads of families are generally the eldest male member, their advice or order is like command. But they seem to be losing their primacy. Do you remember when state governments reserve the certain number of seats for women in panchayats and also for pradhan, their husbands used to accompany them to meetings and ask them to do what they decided?

But things have changed. In the recent elections held in Uttar Pradesh for pradhans, women won over 50 per cent seats. The maximum so far had been 44 per cent. And in 385 seats which were unopposed, 210 were taken by women.

These women do not let their husbands cower them and force them to taking them to the meeting or any function. Most of the elected pradhans can read and write in their regional language, in fact four are Ph.Ds. “This sort of change was possible in Uttar Pradesh because of primary education having spread in villages and more young girls have been studying,” said an government official. This marks the beginning of emancipation of women in villages. They are now almost ready to join the workforce and swell the number of young workers.

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