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Meditation Approaching Super-Consciousness

Updated: February 4, 2012 1:40 pm

Meditation is the higher stage of mental concentration. In concentration, one is able to fix the attention on the chosen object for some period of time but in meditation, this flow of mental concentration is uninterrupted for long times and there is no intrusion by any other thought/object, at any point of time. Scriptures describe this process of uninterrupted attention as “Taiel- Dhaarawat”.

Process of mental concentration leads to meditation and samaadhi. These three are the evolving stages of the same process. Each has three components viz: subject, object and the process. “Chitta” or “Self” is the subject; “realisation/ sensing the ultimate realty” is the object and “using attention to fix the mind”, on the chosen object is the process. Selection of the object of contemplation and the degree of efforts to fix the attention on it, depends on the tendencies (vritties) incorporated with the “chitta”. Therefore, in this entire phenomenon, it is essential that content of the thoughts, their flow and continuity remains the same, throughout. It necessitates a long term training to focus on the chosen object and prevent other thoughts from intruding this stream of uninterrupted focus on the selected thought of contemplation.

When in this process of focussing attention, there are periodical interruptions, then it may be considered as concentration, only. When this flow of concentration becomes steady, dynamically continuous and objectively focussed then it is termed meditation. Still ahead, when this flow continues and practitioner loses the realisation of self and becomes unconscious of the active process of “fixing uninterrupted attention” on the chosen object, then it is called the stage of “samaadhi” or “Super-Consciousness”. Therefore, in this process of mental evolution it is essential that doer, process and the object have required co-ordination, constancy of purpose and continuity among them, all the time.

Meditation is the most powerful tool, mankind has got, to explore the “Self”. It enables the spiritual seeker to absorb the code message of being and doing, integrated with the “Self/ Soul”, and is fundamental to the very purpose of human existence. As in this material world, one is able to have a feel of a place, simply by being there and being absorbed with it, similarly one is able to relate and absorb the meaning and purpose of “Self”, simply by being with it, face to face. It is one of the most essential as well as accomplished state of mental perfection, which takes any spiritual seeker to the highest spiritual attainment. A wonderful state of knowing self and self only. We tirelessly say that “charity begins from the home (self)” but while using this most precious gift (life) of God, we prioritise this most fundamental learning as the last, in our most uncertain and bubbled life. Feel, warmth and experience of this rare state of elevation is so fascinating that all pleasures and experiences lose their shine and attraction before it. Probably it is what happened to Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Christ and Buddha. It is where the journey begins and not ends. Be courageous to put your first step for this journey. It is never late.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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