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The Media Stalking Modi

Updated: August 24, 2017 3:46 pm

After twenty –minute seven-kilometre high-speed chase by two young men in an SUV of a car driven by a young woman, late at night, through tree-lined wide streets of Chandigarh, the SUV allegedly succeeded in blocking the car. A young man driving the SUV came out and tried to open the door of the car. But, before he could succeed, a police jeep arrested the pestering young men and took them to the police station.

Obviously, it was a case of stalking, which has, according to the government, been on the increase–over 6600cases were reported last year.  But then suddenly it seemed lightening had struck, causing tremors in Chandigarh extending to Delhi when the detained driver of the SUV was identified to be Vikas Barala, 23, son of Subash Barala, president of Haryana BJP. And the complainant was Varnika Kundu, a disc jockey and daughter of a senior IAS officer. She complained that she was harassed and stalked by Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala and his friend.

The fact that the son of a senior BJP was the accused triggered the ‘secular media’ and the intellectuals to focus on a case, which would not have merited coverage one or two days.

But it is now being covered everyday, although the incident occurred three weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, Narendra Modi has been put in the dock. First it was said that the police, under political pressure, charged Vikas with bailable charges, and this is why they were freed immediately. It was alleged that the Chandigarh police reportedly dropped three serious charges against Vikas Barala and his friend. The insinuation was that political pressure was being incessantly put on the investigating officers. And by extension Modi was accused of hollow promises for political gains. When he said that he aims to work for women empowerment, why did he not stop Subash Barala from putting pressure on the police to save his son from severe punishment?

The police registered the FIR under IPC Sections 354 D (stalking) and Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act. They reportedly dropped Sections 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint), 365 (kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully confine person) and 511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life or other imprisonment) from the FIR registered against Haryana BJP chief’s son and his friend.

Varnika Kundu’s father said, “As a father of two daughters, I feel compelled to take this matter to its logical conclusion. The goons must be punished, and the law must take its course.” He was reacting to the police after a day-long flip-flop on the charges to include in the FIR. The police eventually charged Vikas and Ashish with bailable offences, under the IPC and Motor Vehicles Act, and they were released in the evening.

Both the Haryana-cadre IAS officer, and his daughter, 29, uploaded an account of her “horrific” experience on their Facebook accounts. In his Facebook post, the officer expressed the apprehension that the accused may go unpunished as they were from influential families, and hoped this would not happen. The woman said that Vikas and Ashish followed her around for nearly 30 minutes as she drove home around midnight Friday, blocked her car repeatedly and tried to open her door. The victim was alone, driving from Sector 8 in Chandigarh to her home in Sector 6 Panchkula. According to the FIR, Vikas and Ashish spotted the woman near a fuel station and started following her. She was allegedly chased for nearly 7 km before police, reacting to a call made by her, caught the two. On medical examination, both were reportedly found to be drunk.

DSP Satish Kumar said, “The accused had purchased two cans of beer and consumed it while driving the Safari that belongs to Vikas’s relative. They kept following the woman and blocked her way several times. The woman called the Police Control Room at about 12.35 am and within 10 minutes, the accused were caught. Later, after receiving a formal complaint, we registered a criminal case against both of them and arrested them. Since the charges against them were bailable, both were released on bail.”

Preliminary investigations revealed that Vikas, who is a student of LLB in Kurukshetra University, was driving the vehicle. Ashish, a law graduate, was sitting beside him in the front. A resident of Fatehabad, Ashish had come to Chandigarh about a week ago. As news came of Vikas’s arrest, the Opposition demanded his father’s resignation. However, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, answering media’s queries at a public event, said, “This is not an issue of Subhash Barala but of a specific individual. Whatever action would be required against him, law would take its course.” This was another cue to the media to accuse Modi of double standards and of defending BJP members.

Meanwhile, attempts were made to defame Varnika. In the local press, questions were raised as to why she was out at such late hour. A picture of her’s holding a drink in hand while talking with a few men was published in local publications  to raise doubts about her character. But did it justify Vikas and Ashish harassing her? Plainly it did not.

But in a more recent development Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish Kumar were slapped with ‘attempt to abduction’ charge amidst other non-bailable offences, they were arrested and produced in the court, which remanded them to two-day police custody. DGP Tejinder Singh Luthra stressed that the Chandigarh police will do “everything under the un” to ensure the 29-year-old complainant gets justice.

The anti-Modi brigade lost much of it sting.  But the ‘secular’ media had lost no time to exploit a criminal incident to indict Narendra Modi, not realising that the people can no longer be fooled. They are no longer gullible, thanks largely to social media, to accept as the ultimate truth , whatever intellectual garbage is dished out by the secularists and their controlled media.

An emotional post by one summing up the ‘Media Stalking Modi’ under the pretext of reporting the Varnika’s case against Vikas has put the secular media on the rack.

“In the Chandigarh case, the accused appears to be prima facie guilty and I hope he is put away in jail for a really long time. …we all understand that the secular media isn’t bringing this case to headlines out of any concern for anyone’s welfare… . And I’m not even angry or perturbed at anybody in the media for highlighting a BJP-related criminal.

“First of all, the guy in this case seems guilty anyway. So why not destroy his reputation? He deserves it. Secondly, I don’t expect the media to have any nuance, any conscience or even intelligence… I am long past the point of expecting such things… .Yes, people are outraged. Yes, people will abuse political goons with powerful dads when they see this story. But that’s about it. If you think this case is going to change their vote and move it away from BJP to Congress, you couldn’t be more wrong…people have become immune to such hatchet jobs against the reputation of BJP. And people are not stupid. Lalu’s son Tejaswi Yadav does a scam. The same secular media starts crying buckets when he is raided by the CBI. One publication even says this: A star is born in the opposition…

“Yes, when sons of secular leaders do scams, they become stars. Does the secular media really believe that the public won’t catch this double standard? Do they really think people are so dumb? If secular media thinks people haven’t noticed the double standard, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

“People have memories. They know that media is out to ‘get’ the BJP. When people see an incident being covered, they adjust accordingly for this well-known bias. People have learned to tune out of the secular media’s faux outrage. Dear secular media, you think people have forgotten how you cooked up a fake gang-rape incident in Murthal to defame the same Haryana BJP?”

This denuding of the secular media should make it give up its bias against Modi simply because they have lost the clout and say in state affairs, which are no business of theirs.

By Vijay Dutt

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