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Maya Raj Or Akhilesh Raj

Updated: June 1, 2013 2:31 pm


With growing law and order problem in Uttar Pradesh, it appears the Mayawati government was better than the present dispensation in Lucknow. In fact, whatever brownie points Maya earned by putting Raja Bhaiya behind the bars was simply lost by the presence of corrupt ministers in her Cabinet. While ministers were in the dock for their reported complicity in several corruption cases in the erstwhile government, the common man was by and large living in peace. But now, with growing terror unleashed by the criminals, when even the men in khaki are not safe, the common man has been at a fix. The aam admi showed the Maya government the door by anointing Akhilesh Yadav as chief minister of the state in the hope that things would be better. But then, they were mistaken. The growing incidents of lawlessness in the state have been giving sleepless nights to the common man. They are afraid of goons, who are not even afraid of attacking the police.

 Purple Heart For Modi

The major TV channels, during their coverage of the Karnataka elections results went overboard in putting up pictures of Narendra Modi as if he was the main contender in the race. NDTV had even put up a “Purple Lotus” for the BJP in its result figures. It looks like the anchors beat up the flower so much that it turned purple.

within the BJP are pleased with the blame being pinned on Modi, despite the fact that the results would have been worse but for Modi, whose appeal worked in Bengaluru and Hubli-Belgaum regions. It was Modi who revived the spirits of the cadre. Last month Shatrughan Sinha’s advocacy for L K Advani in Patna was countered by workers who raised slogans in Modi’s favour. Bengaluru too had witnessed similar scenes during the last phase of campaigning. BJP workers heckled general secretary Ananth Kumar when he prolonged their wait for Modi’s speech on the lawns of National College.

 Better Late Than Never

The manner in which Sonia Gandhi rushed to the PM’s residence to seek the sacking of Bansal and Kumar was a stark contrast to her behaviour in the Parliament earlier. Madam G had retorted that the Congress would resort to dadagiri if needed.

What made Sonia Gandhi realise that the damage in retaining Bansal could be far more severe than the Congress anticipated ? It was probably the tapes which have supposedly been leaked out by the disgruntled officers of the CBI, who have had enough from the Supreme Court in the matter of Ashwani Kumar.

Sonia Gandhi killed two birds with one deft stone. She created all the drama for the media to show how strongly she acts against corruption. It seems that her phones were probably so dead that she had to rush to 7 Race Course Road.

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